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7/18/13 1:14 A

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BENTON, CLICK the Add a Link button next to ADD an Emoticon, then put the link in the box that open's up.
Here's your link. Good article.

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1/19/13 6:24 P

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I just found the site today, Revital. But check it out. There are other articles on the topic as well. But, I have heard about "wood" being put in bread before. It might not harm us but it definitely smacks of fraud, doesn't it? When one buys bread, one expects to find ingredients like wheat, rye, water, milk, eggs, sugar, yeast. salt right? Sure cellulose is found in plant matter but, we don't eat wood so we don't expect to find ingredients made from it to be in our food. Do you think if the companies were up front about what they put in their food people would be happy and embrace it, or be upset and reject it? Do you want manufactures to be completely honest with us or to try to fool us because they know people would object? It's a form of cheating. Wheat has cellulose, doesn't it? Do you want to eat bread made from wheat or do you want a bread with a portion of that wheat replaced by "saw dust"? Do you want to eat ice- cream made with cream, and sugar, and vanilla or do you want ice cream made with wood fiber, artificial flavor, and artificial sweetener? I know what I want to eat and I also want to know what I'm eating without companies trying to deceive me.

No, it might not make you sick and it might not kill you, but that's not the point. When people go to McDonald's they trust that they are getting ground beef in their hamburger, and nothing else. So, when they find out about "pink slime" they are disgusted and feel deceived. When people go to Taco Bell or Subway, they also think they are getting 100% ground beef in their tacos and meatball subs and were surprised and felt cheated a few years ago to find out that the companies were saving money by cutting the beef with soy. Imagine the surprise of the people who are allergic to soy and didn't know it was slipped into the meat.

When I buy milk at the store, I trust that it comes from a cow. All mammals produce milk and none of it will kill you or make you sick, but I would be disgusted if I found out that companies were slipping in the milk of another mammal just to save money, with out disclosing it in BIG LETTERS on the front of the container. Um, um, who would have known rat milk tastes sooo good. And while we're at it, why don't we just add the rat meat to the hamburger when the rats get old? It won't kill anybody and we can use a euphemism for it so people won't know and get disgusted. And, in a few years, people will have gotten used to our product and have become desensitised to its use anyway, right?

I'm just playing with things to make a point. A few years ago, no one would have believed that things would be put in food that are being put in food today. You might not know about it, because it happen a number of years ago, but some pet food manufactures were putting road kill and the euthanized bodies of dogs and cats into their pet food. But, I trust that you do know that animal feed manufactures were, and still are, grinding up the bodies of dead pigs, sheep, chickens, and cows and putting that "protein" into the animal feed of those animals. Animals that, except for pigs, are herbivores. Something that a number of years ago no one would have dreamed a company would do. But, now it is accepted by most people. The result was Mad Cow Disease. If you're interested in how that occurred, you can easily do the research.

Animals and people evolved to eat certain things and not others. It has been found that problems have resulted when we have "messed" with this. Other things, like eating rat meat or putting "saw dust" into our meat, bread, and ice-cream, to play with a term, might not harm us, but most of us look at it as a cheap, fraudulent act on the part of food manufactures and don't like it.

Gotta go now. I've spent too much time on the computer today.

Take care.

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1/19/13 4:24 P

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I am a little confused - "cellulose" is just a part of a plant's cell wall. It's also found in many vegetables: found in bran, legumes, peas, root vegetables, cabbage family, outer covering of seeds, and apples (

Regardless, since cereal comes in a box, that's always a sign to me that it is at least a few steps farther from "natural and clean" since it's been processed and manufactured in some way, shape, or form.

But, let me play Devil's Advocate and maybe open up some conversation (please don't be mad! I just like to think out loud sometime! I'm not trying to argue, just thinking!): Do we know for sure the source of the cellulose for that cereal? I haven't heard of that site before, but if you know it and trust it to be a credible source, we can go with that :) I just don't know that site so can't make a call on it yet.

And, thinking outside the box, just because "wood pulp" may not be a normal sort of thing... is it inherently BAD? I have no idea :) Just thinking! But if it's simply yet another source of insoluble fiber, maybe it has its benefits. We eat other plants with cellulose (that and inulin are probably added to almost any "with added fiber" food, why not wood? (I am NOT saying that I know eating wood pulp is some awesome idea - just questioning, pondering, and being open to the discussion)

I have a few sugar cane plants in my yard, and when you chew on a chunk of it, you're left with fibrous chunks of the woody stalk in your mouth, once the sweet juices have been swallowed. Usually, I just spit it out; but I doubt it'd do harm if I swallowed it - it is probably just another form of indigestible fiber. (Granted, if I DID do that, I know it'd be this 100% natural form, versus some company just going and buying "food grade" sawdust or something *lol* Who knows what crazy processes go on in food factories!! And maybe that's what this cereal is doing!)


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I can't remember off the top of my head. Look at the ingredients list. If there are chemicals, artificial flavors or sweeteners then in my mind, no. I also try to avoid "natural flavor" it is not really what one thinks natural flavor is. Google the term.

Oils are another thing you should research. Hydrogenated oils are being replace by palm oil. Cotton seed oil is used in a lot of products. I personally want to stay away from them as well. You can do research on them, too.

I was shocked to find that high fiber breads contain WOOD PULP; cellulose from trees. Just now, I did some research on line. Fiber One Cereal does contain wood pulp.

I was also shocked to find out that more than 15 major companies put this wood pulp (cellulose) in our food as fillers and binders. I just read that it is put it is put in ground meat, bread, cheese, icecream, salad dressing and other things. Products it can be found in are: Aunt Jemima's maple syrup and Pan Cake Mix, and Nestle's coco mix, Kellogg's Eggos and Morning Star products, the big brand cake mixes, whose ingredient lists read like a list of chemical products anyway, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Sara Lee products, Jack-In-The-Box, McDonald's, the Yum Brand fast food chains of Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Arby's and KFC products. It's a shame just to find out that they are all owned by one company. And Taco Bell? It seems like most every product they sell contains wood cellulose.

If you are interested in reading about this, just now I found the information on this sight:

or just google "15 companies that serve wood/sawdust in food". I was hoping the web address would turn blue so you could click on it, but it didn't.

Most of us don't even know the things that companies are doing with our foods in order to cut their costs and make larger profits.

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Try Nature's Path Smart Bran Cereal - a better version, I think, of Fiber One.
I don't like the artifical sweeteners.

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1/19/13 9:59 A

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Is fiber one cereal clean? Thanks

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