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7/31/15 11:28 P

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How in the world did I miss this thread?! I love your who's asking possibilities. I especially like the lusty swordsman and the "hour from now" me. Both really really good people to keep in my own head! I think this may be my next morning pages writing topic.

What can I do for myself today?

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7/24/15 12:45 A

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I like this idea of the journal representing someone. I have thought about it, and I think mine will represent my personal trainer. I have had two personal trainers in the past who were wonderful--very encouraging and supportive. I can't afford to go to a personal trainer anymore, but my journal could represent one.

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7/23/15 9:46 A

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Yes! I love the idea of a guardian. I've been struggling a bit lately with emo eating and I need a fearless protector!

Already have a vision crystallizing.....

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7/23/15 8:48 A

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I like this approach and will have to think about my answers!

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7/23/15 8:06 A

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The fourth tool is to ask ourselves the 4 questions...
1. Am I hungry?
2. Is this what I feel like eating?
3. Is this what I feel like eating now?
4. Is there something else that I could eat instead?

Last night I snuck into the kitchen and found no one on duty. ie. my journal was not there. Did I go get it? No, I made a cup of "London Fog" tea... tea with a little something extra added. And since there was no one on duty to say no, I opened the fridge and took out some sharp cheese.. and then noticed the bottle of maple jelly that goes so well with that. I stood at the counter eating it, a thin piece then a thicker piece and then another. When I went to join my husband to watch TV the thought occurred to me, since there was no one guarding the kitchen and it appeared to be open, that I could just waltz in and grab a bag of chips. It never occured to me to ask fhe 4 questions even though I LOOKED for my journal as I walked in the four times.

I felt like I "got away" with something.

This morning I took a look at that behaviour. That thought. Who does my journal represent that I think I can "get away with this"? And more importantly, can I give the job to someone else because they are not doing a very good job of it.

WHO is asking the questions? Your job in this assignment is to do an interview to decide. Here are some of my thoughts about the candidate:.

1. A cheerleader. Someone who knows why I am doing this, my goals and dreams. This person is optimistic and believes in me. Someone who is forward thinking. Peppy. Someone who I hate to like because she is going to suggest I go for a walk or do something else.
2. A sword fighter. Swash buckling. He can be good looking too. Someone who as I walk into the kitchen is going to look me over with a little lust (hehehe) and defend my honour against the evil food dragon lurking in the kitchen.
3. A zen Buddhist spiritual master who is going to see through me to my core, get me to breath and create body awareness not only to ask the questions but to feel the benefits from good choices I have been making already.
4. Future skinny me (or even an hour from now me)
OK... that is the start and you can carry on from here! Let us know who gets the job!

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