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12/15/13 8:36 A

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emoticon I'm super long-waisted so this might have something to do with why the doctor told me I would be unhealthy if I lost all the weight I wanted to and should be 7 pounds heavier. I was happiest at that lower weight and really living a super life. It was obvious to look at me I was healthy and fit-- but if a health professional or insurance company just looked at my BMI they might deem me to have a health issue. Yes, gymnasts, our smoking bacon-loving centenarian friends, what is the true measure? Thanks , Delia -- I had never heard of this waist to height form of determination before. emoticon . And PS-- how random is 7 pounds?? emoticon

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12/13/13 12:09 P

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I would love to see the BMI thrown out the window. I think most health professionals also recognize that it's not an accurate way to measure. The big problem is that like so many things the insurance companies want to keep using this random scale to determine if people are overweight. They then use this number to charge more or deny health and life insurance. Grrr.. it's so annoying.

I think I'd be willing to go ahead and pay out of pocket to have my body fat percentage done accurately. Especially if I could submit that to my insurance as more proof I'm living a healthy lifestyle.

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12/13/13 10:46 A

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I also disagree with the BMI scale for everyone. And the height to weight scale! When I was in high school as a gymnast and a runner I was in amazing shape. The thing is according to these scales I was considered very close to overweight or actually overweight depending on the scale. I was very muscular and short. It really messed with me as a teenage girl. I think fat % would be a better indicator! but they are not so cheap to calculate as a simple formula.

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12/11/13 4:56 P

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I totally agree Delia! Health is something that can't be measured by one standard. We all know that one person who ate bacon at every meal and smoked a pack a day for 50 years and lived to be 98! lol

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12/11/13 12:03 P

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Just wanted to share an article from fitness magazine : According to this article , the BMI is not an accurate way to determine ones health and fitness. The BMI doesn't differentiate between muscle and fat or account how it is distributed . According to the article , sedentary people and short people ( that would be me ) have an unfair advantage over athletes and those who are tall . The article suggest that a waist to height ratio is an easier and more accurate alternative .

What are your thoughts on this ? I , personally , feel this is great and I'm glad I found the article . I feel it is unfair to judge everyone by the same measurements . health and fitness are different for each of us so we should never judge ourselves according to someone else's weight loss and progress or to an "ideal " body image .

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