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11/26/07 8:58 A

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Hi Terri:

I started out looking at alternatives to pharmaceuticals for cold symptoms. While researching herbs and using them with great results, my cousin was also radically changing her eating habits and began to talk to me of the advantages of eating healthier with no chemical additives to foods. This was 1972 and there wasn't much out there to choose from! I listened and continued to eat my lunch at the local Zesto's (cheeseburger, milkshake and fries) but I would eat salads and started visiting the brand new healthy co-op that opened in my neighborhood about that time.
Still, it wasn't until I became deathly ill with Hepatitis four years later that I made a drastic change in my diet. No more sugar, white flour, meat, tobacco or alcohol.
I nearly flipped out.
If it hadn't been for the supportive group of people that I had surrounded myself with, I would have never made it through all the withdrawals that I went through!
I am no longer a vegetarian but I think that it was the way for me to go at that time due to the extensive liver problems that I was having. Now, my liver is completely healed and I eat 'organic' meats whenever possible at least once a day as I feel that my body needs that protein and fat to ward off hunger pangs and 'grazing' habits that I get into. There is a satisfaction there that tells me that is what my body wanted.
I also live in an area that really doesn't support vegetarianism very well. It was easy when I lived in California. It is not in NW Georgia!

Support of other people was essential for me and a commitment to stick to my principles. As in any diet "just one piece" or "just this time" doesn't help you or the people that you are with if you are committed to helping others as well as yourself in increasing the awareness of positive benefits of healthy food selections.

Thanks for this topic and I hope you had a healthy Thanksgiving! Mine was hectic but really fun. I made cookies with three different types of raw sugars in them and they were a great success with the diabetics in the family. I was also able to get some feedback from their daily testing of their insulin. My uncle's sugar had a slight rise but nothing like he normally sees after munching down on my Pumpkin Ginger cookies, in which I substituted in Rapadura instead of white sugar! He asked to take the ones that were left to replace his sugar free cookie that he eats everyday for his 10:00 break! That is so-o-o-o-o gratifying!


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11/16/07 11:33 A

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If you have been successful in switching to whole foods, please share with us how you did it.

This is also a good place to start posting ideas.


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