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When did you find out that where you are is not where you want to be? For me it was when I finally came to terms with not being able to do things any more with my family... Like being able to participate in things like walks at the zoo or playing a round of golf with my Dad, Singing in church because I got winded really easily!
When I discovered Spark People I finally realized why my therapists and Doctors had said all along... If you don't change your ways, you're going to have a hard life from here on... If you last at all!

Well it was The Doctors, the therapists and now Spark People... it seemed everyone was against me! But, I finally came to the realization that that many people can't be wrong... and that My way wasn't working!

So... I came to the conclusion that change was in order! It was the first step! The first step to where I wanted to be! Remember... The 1st step towards getting you to where you want to be is to decide you've had enough of where your are and that you want better for you and the rest of your life! My thought at that time was to get to anywhere but where I was!

The little light bulb (2 watt) had lit up in that thick skull of mine... finally and I decided to move forward... Not an easy task! Maybe My Spark friends could help me! So I asked the people on my first teams what I was doing wrong and how I could correct my situation and guess what... They were able to give me some of the answers I was looking for!

I was told that I was a product of my environment and that I would have to change not only how I lived, but also how I ate, how much I ate, how many times a day to eat, What kind of food to eat, proper exercise for me... I had to find out how to do the incredible "Ray Makeover" I though for example that everyone exercised the same! Tread mill, stationary cycling, weight lifting etc but I soon found out that everyone is different! Everyone had different problems and that there were many ways to tackle this lifestyle change!

So after researching what I needed and talking to literally hundreds of people from Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists, therapists, Others like myself on Spark People I planned for a complete makeover! I wasn't going to quit until I reached my goal weight of 200 pounds and was able to maintain this weight!

Here is how I started the makeover...

If I was a product of my environment, I had to change that environment that would best develop me and help me not only focus on my goals but also allow me to focus on my goals without too many problems! I decided to purge my house of anything and everything that was considered "Hazardous for my health (Food Wise) There went white floured products like white bread, pastries, cake, cookies and the like! I also (for the most part) got rid of any processed foods in the house... Packaged goods, chips, dips, processed meats, canned veggies and fruit... I opted for only fresh meat and veggies. I switched from 2% to Skim milk. No more sour creme, margarine, Butter substitutes... I switched to Coconut oil and olive oil, What a change... My wife thought I was crazy, but, she supported me!

Then I looked at how I could change my daily routines... How could I get to a higher plain as it were?

I analyzed what I could do and started from there... Chair exercises, Aquasize, stretching, wall exercises, and walking... starting out slow and work my way up!

Let me tell you... it was not an easy transition... and many many times I failed but I kept trying and soon I started winning! People were telling me that I was looking great! I was starting to feel great! I could do more and more things, I could enjoy my family without having to stop to rest!

This is what the Ray Make over did for me! Today, I'm a totally different person! When someone tells me that it's impossible I tell them that nothing is impossible unless in your mind you have convinced yourself that it can't be done! Even if you're in a wheelchair it still is possible to better your life... you just have to dig deep and really want to change from where you are to where you want to be!

You don't have to remain a captive of your environment. Break Free and live the life you want to live! You have the control, you have the drive, you have the passion but the question is... "Are you ready to give up what you have for what you want"? Are you ready to improve yourself and better your situation?

I know that you can do this... I know you want this... if you're ready, Remember: If you don't like where you are... Change it! Only you can make this decision! It's a decision that will change the way you look, the way you feel, the way you do things and your quality of life!

This is the most important thing... Good Health and quality of life are there for you... all you have to do is want it bad enough and make the plans to change what needs to be changed to get it,,, and why not... You deserve it... you deserve all the good things that life has to offer!

Here's looking at a better future for all of us!


Ray Brookwell - My Spark Name is Jukebox2

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