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Dreams Do Come True!

A wise old cricket once sang When you wish upon a Star your dreams come true!
Have you ever sat on the grass and just stared up at the stars in all of their magnificence?
Have you ever wished on that bright star only to find out the someone else used their wish on that star? Not to worry... There are Billions and Billions of stars up there... just waiting for your wish!

So... what was your wish?

I remember wishing to be a bodybuilder, because I thought it was cool, I also wished to be a fire fighter, a policeman, and I also wished when I was 4 years old that my Mom would forget when I was bad! That's what wishing got me... I wished for years to win the lottery and also for a new car... lots of wishes, but apart from the lottery, I could have had anything that I wanted as long as I worked for it! It's true!...

But, wishing also does something else... It helps you to figure out how to get to you goals!
Think about that... I wished I could figure out what I should do next! I wished I could know the answer to my dilemma! But a wish helps you to think rather than wait for someone else to give you all the answers! I wished I knew... I wished I had the next step! Wishing is the next logical step to finding a solution!

I wished I was smart... I know... I'll go on line and try and find the answer! I'll go to the library and try to find the answer... I'll talk to my friends on Spark People to see if they have the answer! And... there you have it... The next piece of the puzzle solved! another step closer to your goals and all you had to do was do a little research... gain a little knowledge and you're a little bit closer to your goals!... Your Dreams become reality! So you see... your dreams can come true but there will be a little work involved to get there!

By following your dreams you will find the answers that you need to continue on to greatness! The Great Walt Disney had many dreams in his career and each dream came true through hard work and never ending goals to follow. He shaped the cartoon industry merging full orchestral scores to cartoons, multi layered cells to make the cartoon look as close to real as possible, Advancement in sound and much much more. His dreams became his obsessions!

You can lift yourself by your thoughts and dreams!. Your vision will help you climb higher and your knowledge will increase in leaps and bounds!.

The courage to follow your dreams and your goals is your first of many steps towards your destiny.

When you no longer dream, you no longer live! So dream your dreams... reach out for your goals, Gain all of the knowledge that you need to succeed! and do the things that you've been wanting to do! You know you want to do it!.... Don't let anyone hold you back! It's time you lived your life the way you want to live it!

It's time to wish upon your star and act on your dreams... Your dreams can and will come true if you put in the effort follow your dreams and take the next logical steps towards your goals!

Your Billions and Billions of stars await you.... Make a wish!

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