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Small Steps mean Large Victories!

I know that everyone who is on this site is here for one thing... finding success in the weight loss field! Some have already reached their final goal weight and are moving forward in other ways... like keeping the weight off or toning or bulking up with muscles.

What ever the reason there's only one way to get to your goals! There's only one way to keep your weight off... There's only one way to stay focused on any activity that keeps you on track for your present or next goal and can be easy if you want it to be easy..............Are you ready?

Success in any activity the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out until your present goal is achieved.

There are a lot of people take the first step but then for some reason... they stop.But picture this...with every additional step you take the closer you get to your goal, and with this statement comes another revelation... The more you repeat the actions towards your goals the more you'll want to repeat them until it becomes second nature...

Think about this for a minute! Imagine if you took only one step. There would be no second step and there would be no goal achieved!... It's impossible to achieve anything if you don't do anything.... It's amazing how that works!

Lets look at the second and third and fourth step...etc... If you start your first step by saying I want to run in a marathon... The marathon is your goal. It will become your obsession. If you want it bad enough you'll continue your next "Small Steps" until you've trained to run a marathon. (Weekly Intervals)

Step 1: I want to train for the marathon
Step 2: I want to run around my block cause that's all I can handle now
Step 3: I can run the block I'm going to increase it to 5 blocks
Step 4: I can run 5 blocks I think I'll increase it to a mile
Step 5: I can run a mile... I want to slowly do more until I can run the Marathon!

Of course there are more steps in between because not everyone can run at this pace but you get the idea. If you run faithfully for a year, you'll continue to run because that's what you'll want to do. It's taking that 2nd step that makes this runner run!

Remember:If you want to be successful in any goal or any project you will have to add a second, a third, a forth step and more, back to back, day in and day out until you've met your goal! The motivation comes from within to keep going day after day until it becomes second nature for you! It will become part of your routine! This leads to that large victory that you're looking for!

In summing up... You do have to start somewhere but it's up to you take the next steps to complete your goal...

The monkey can only swing from vine to vine if he chooses to go for the next vine!

Take your next step and the next step and as many steps as it takes to succeed and get to your goal...

Your greatest victory awaits! The goal is yours to take... I know you want it!

Take it! Small steps pave your road to greatness!


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