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3/3/15 7:55 P

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Looking forward to a 5 day weekend and I will start tackling this list. Thank you

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Thanks for sharing!

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by Maria Gracia

____ Mar 1 Sharpen kitchen knives. Food prep will be much more efficient.

____ Mar 2 Itís time to gather papers for taxes. If you need to make an appointment with a tax specialist, do so.

____ Mar 3 Buy or organize supplies if you plan a big spring cleaning.

____ Mar 4 Go through the house cleaning light switches and doorknobs, which harbor lots of germs. Do the same with phones and remote controls.

____ Mar 5 Do you ever want to make a recipe, but you canít remember which cookbook itís in? Start a list. Jot down the recipe name, the type of recipe (main dish, dessert) and the cookbook itís in. You can do this on your computer if you wish.

____ Mar 6 Start seedlings inside to transplant when the weather warms up. If you live in a warm enough climate, sow them now or put in bedding plants.

____ Mar 7 Turn your clocks AHEAD one hour before you go to bed tonight. Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00 A.M. on March 8th. Say goodbye to an hour. Donít worry. Youíll get it back later this year.

____ Mar 8 Do you multitask your kitchen dish towels? Probably not the cleanest idea. Instead, have a designated towel to dry dishes, a separate one to dry wet hands, and another to wipe up the counter.

____ Mar 9 Clean your carpets. Encourage family members to remove their shoes when they come in and wear slippers or other indoor shoes to help keep it clean.

____ Mar 10 Have you washed your petís bedding lately? Todayís a good day to do so.

____ Mar 11 When did you last clean the coffee maker? Vinegar is good for removing hard water deposits, but check your use and care manual (or look for the instructions online) to find the best way to clean it.

____ Mar 12 Does mail pile up on the counter or table? Organize a mail center and system to deal with incoming mail. Toss junk mail immediately, have a visible place for things like bills that need immediate attention and folders to organize other things.

____ Mar 13 Clean and sharpen garden tools for spring. Treat yourself to a new pair of gardening gloves or new hand pruners to get you motivated to work outside.

____ Mar 14 If you have blinds, dust them regularly. Some people wear dusting gloves and dust with their hands, others use a regular duster, and still others use a gadget that allows you to dust three or four slats at once.

____ Mar 15 Start thinking about summer. If you will be traveling by air, start checking rates now. If kids will be going off to camp, make reservations.

____ Mar 16 Go through kitchen cabinets and toss out those foods that no one really likes. Check expiration dates of whatís left.
____ Mar 17 Itís St. Patrickís Day. Wear something green and clean out some green-colored things you no longer use.

____ Mar 18 While days are warm, but neither hot nor cold, it is a good time to clean out the attic.

____ Mar 19 Put a chicken in the crockpot for dinner and use the rest of the day to work in the garden or do things you have been putting off.

____ Mar 20 Today is the first day of spring. Clean your houseplants. Wipe leaves with a damp cloth if thatís feasible, or if they are not too heavy take them to the bathroom or outside and give them a shower.

____ Mar 21 Go through the house and look up. Dust and remove cobwebs that have accumulated over the winter.

____ Mar 22 Clean or replace your welcome mat.

____ Mar 23 Vacuum upholstery, especially if you have pets that nap on the furniture.

____ Mar 24 Clean and polish wood furniture. Vacuum under the cushions.

____ Mar 25 Sweep the porch and clean planters, tables, etc. that have been outside this winter. Put some fresh plants, like pansies or petunias, into planters for a new spring look.

____ Mar 26 Check your home office supplies. If you have students, they may have major papers due soon. Be sure there is plenty of paper and printer ink.

____ Mar 27 Once winter is over, clean or take to the cleaners everyoneís winter coats so they will be clean when the weather gets cold again. While they are being cleaned, use the opportunity to clean the coat closet. Vacuum the floor. Sort the gloves, hats and scarves that have piled up in there.

____ Mar 28 Clean your winter comforters and blankets.

____ Mar 29 Itís a good time to clean window and screens.

____ Mar 30 Take a walk in the park.

____ Mar 31 Change things around the house to reflect the new seasonó a spring tablecloth or placemats, fresh sofa pillows. Changing some decor, even just a little, will make a room feel fresher.

by Maria Gracia - Get Organized Now!


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