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8/6/14 7:38 P

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How fun- thanks. I'll take a look at these and tackle some that apply to me.

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8/4/14 10:55 A

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I added all relevant ones to my planner. Thank you!!!

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8/3/14 11:44 A

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emoticon thanks for sharing

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8/2/14 9:29 P

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8/2/14 8:34 A

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Thanks! I just printed my copy and will see how many I can accomplish this month!

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8/1/14 6:56 P

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Love love love these lists!!! Thank you so much Lhlady for sharing!!!

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8/1/14 6:12 P

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Number 3 is my fav!

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8/1/14 5:15 P

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by Maria Gracia

____ Aug 1 Clean patio and lawn furniture. Wipe down with hot sudsy water. Rinse them with the hose. Wipe dry with cloth rags. Finally, fix yourself an icy drink and then relax in your newly cleaned outdoor furniture.

____ Aug 2 Visit a farmerís market today or check locally for a new market that you have not yet visited.

____ Aug 3 Go to the library to check out a book on a city or a country that you would like to travel someday. Spend the afternoon learning about your favorite dream destination.

____ Aug 4 Today is International Friendship Day. Call a friend or friends to meet for coffee or lunch. Many people in other countries celebrate Friendship Day by recognizing their friends with gifts, flowers, and sometimes exchanging friendship bracelets.

____ Aug 5 Clean your outdoor window and door screens. Remove the screens if possible, but if not, wipe the screens with a damp cloth. The screens can be air-dried.

____ Aug 6 Make a list of all back-to-school items needed for each family member. Include clothing, backpacks, school supplies...and also favorite foods and snacks for lunches and after-school snacks.

____ Aug 7 Work on filing household paperwork. Gather papers that need to be filed. This includes papers such as bank and credit card statements, insurance papers, invoices, etc. File the items that you need to keep either temporarily or permanently. Label new file folders if you need additional categories.

____ Aug 8 Clean your barbeque. Check your gas tank for corrosion or damage and replace it if there is a need. Fill your tank or buy more charcoal.

____ Aug 9 Plan a picnic. Gather supplies needed for eating outside. Make sandwiches or bring traditional foods for picnic eating--hot dogs, fried chicken, potato salad and watermelon, for example. Pick a local park for your picnic or have it in your back yard.

____ Aug 10 Take some time to prepare for the week ahead by chopping vegetables such as carrots, celery, tomatoes, etc. for use in salads and sandwiches during the week.

____ Aug 11 Wash coolers, clean pools, and sanitize summer toys. Find a place for everything and put everything in its place.

____ Aug 12 Sweep your garage. Pull as much as you can away from the wall so that you can sweep behind. Maybe you will find a few things to give away to charity.

____ Aug 13 Your household fans have probably been working hard all summer. It is certain they are dusty. Today is a good day to clean the blades. Lightly spray a long handled duster to clean ceiling fans. Maybe desk fans need to be disassembled before cleaning. Be sure to turn off and unplug the fan first.

____ Aug 14 Organize your footwear. If there are any sandals or shoes that you have not worn all summer, give them away.

____ Aug 15 Finish any back-to-school shopping. Go early in the day, if possible, to beat the crowds for a more pleasant experience. End the trip with a snack or lunch.

____ Aug 16 Fresh flowers inside the home add color and cheer. Pick some flowers today from your yard and put them in a vase of water. While looking for flowers, snip off any dead blooms to make the plant look fresh again. Make another bouquet to share with a neighbor, friend or family.

____ Aug 17 Today is a good day for a BBQ get together. Gather some friends and/or family to share a potluck meal. Ask everyone to bring something to grill and a salad or dessert.

____ Aug 18 Where do you keep your laundry supplies? Organize this cupboard or shelf by taking everything out, then wiping the shelf clean with a wet cloth. After the shelf has dried, replace your detergent, spot cleaner, and whitener. Be sure to only replace products and items you use and need.

____ Aug 19 Clean your window treatments. Take down curtains. Then wash and iron them. Dust off blinds, or if your blinds are washable, take them outside to clean with soap and water.

____ Aug 20 Take your silk plants outside and spray them with a silk plant cleaner, or make your own spray with 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water. You can also wipe artificial leaves clean with a damp cloth.

____ Aug 21 Remove items from your refrigerator. Then remove the shelves. Wash them in hot sudsy water and dry before replacing. Wash the inside walls and door shelves with a wet cloth.

____ Aug 22 Buy some corn-on-the-cob for dinner tonight to accompany burgers. Try grilling the corn with the husks still on or wrapped in foil. Place butter or olive oil and seasonings on the corn...then replace the husks before grilling.

____ Aug 23 Spend some time on yard maintenance by pulling weeds. Also, check your yard, house, and shed for bee/wasp nests.

____ Aug 24 The definition of a hobby is, Ďan activity done regularly in oneís leisure time for pleasure.í What are your hobbies? Spend time today working with projects you love. If you do not have any hobbies, consider what you enjoy and start a new one.

____ Aug 25 Slide your computer, monitor, and printer out to dust and clean the area behind it. Clean your desk and table. Clean the keyboard by carefully shaking upside down then dusting.

____ Aug 26 Clean your plastic or wooden utensil tray. To thoroughly clean, first take everything out, and then wash it with hot, soapy water...or place it in the dishwasher if itís dishwasher-safe. Wipe the actual drawer clean. Let everything dry completely before replacing all of the silverware.

____ Aug 27 Organize your supply of bed sheets and pillowcases. Take out the sheets and refold them keeping sets and sizes together. Sheet sets can be kept together by placing them in their matching pillow cases.

____ Aug 28 Summer driving can take a toll on the inside of your car. Take out miscellaneous items, Then vacuum the floors, floor mats and seats. Next, wipe down the dashboard with a wet rag or one that has been sprayed with car cleaner.

____ Aug 29 Make plans for your holiday weekend. Even if you do not plan to leave town, you can make plans for an outing close to home or within a dayís drive.

____ Aug 30 Summer is not behind us yet. Keep your summer first-aid kit up to date and stocked. Be sure to include sun screen, bug spray, hydrocortisone cream for rashes and bug bites, and aloe vera gel to soothe sunburn.

____ Aug 31 Plan a backyard lawn activity for today such as croquet or badminton, or plan a trip to your nearest miniature golf course.

by Maria Gracia - Get Organized Now!

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