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I balance my check book all the time, so I can keep it always updated


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by Maria Gracia

____ Jun 1 Call your family together and schedule out your month. Have each family member bring their ideas and schedules with them. Designate one person to write everyone’s schedules on the family calendar. Better yet, use an online calendar that everyone can view.

____ Jun 2 Balance your checkbook and pay any upcoming bills.

____ Jun 3 Take a ladder or step stool and light fixtures from 3 rooms. Wash and dry the fixtures and replace burnt out bulbs. Do this in each room of your house, taking the time to wipe around the ceiling lights.

____ Jun 4 After all the school and family activities, our cars become cluttered. Today is a great day to clean all the trash, school papers, toys and other clutter. Take out the mats and wash them. Then, while they dry in the sunshine, vacuum the seats and floor. Wipe down the
dashboard, instrument panel, and all those neglected nook and crannies. Enjoy your clean car.

____ Jun 5 Pull your couches and side tables away from the walls. Wipe the baseboards and wall behind the couches, and vacuum underneath.

____ Jun 6 Call and schedule a day and time to have your carpets cleaned.

____ Jun 7 Get everyone up and outside early in the morning. Divide up into teams and weed the garden, and then take the family out for brunch. Let the kids decide where to eat.

____ Jun 8 Gather up your memorabilia and start a scrapbook for you, your children, or your ancestors.

____ Jun 9 Have your tires on your car rotated and properly inflated.

____ Jun 10 Take a trip to your local library and check out some books on something you have always wanted to learn.

____ Jun 11 Buy or make cards and gifts for the special men in your life. Mail the ones that need to be mailed.

____ Jun 12 Tonight is a full moon. Gather the family and some blankets and spend the late evening observing the moon and stars. Create stories about the constellations.

____ Jun 13 Choose a good book and read it with another family member or friend. Discuss the book together when you’re done.

____ Jun 14 Celebrate Flag Day in the United States by displaying the flag and showing your pride in the independence of America.

____ Jun 15 Today is Fathers Day. Celebrate all the wonderful dads in your life, and let them know how important they are!

____ Jun 16 Gather up all your indoor and outdoor rugs and mats. Take them outside and shake the debris and dust from them. Hose off any rubber ones. Replace those that are worn and well used.

____ Jun 17 Sort and organize your DVD and video collection. Donate those movies you and your family no longer watch to your local library. Place the keepers in attractive baskets or in movie cabinets alphabetically or by category.

____ Jun 18 Take some time for you. Go get a new haircut, pedicure, or manicure.

____ Jun 19 Clean and organize your storeroom. Group household items, paper goods, and cleaning supplies in one area, and food in another area. Discard any expired food.

____ Jun 20 Go for a family bike ride and eat lunch at a park.

____ Jun 21 Today is the first day of summer. Stock up on sunscreen and bug spray.

____ Jun 22 Take some time and write a letter to a friend or family member. Mail the letter.

____ Jun 23 Flip and rotate your mattresses and box springs.

____ Jun 24 Spend some time cleaning up your computer files. Organize them or delete those that you no longer use.

____ Jun 25 Toss your old magazines and catalogs. Be sure and recycle them if that option is offered by your city.

____ Jun 26 Go through your closets and pull out anything you haven’t worn for the past 6 months. Donate these unused clothes to your local charity.

____ Jun 27 Gather up the inside and outside garbage cans. Squirt some dish soap in them, add water, and scrub. Dry them and add new garbage liners.

____ Jun 28 Set up a tent in your backyard and have a family camp out. Sing songs, play some games, and disconnect from all electronics.

____ Jun 29 Look back over the events of the month and write down favorite family memories. Include all ideas and thoughts from each family member in a journal to recall later on when you’re reminiscing.

____ Jun 30 Scrub down your kitchen cabinets with some Murphy’s soap. Then lemon oil the wood. Enjoy the new look and the clean smell.

by Maria Gracia - Get Organized Now!

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