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Protein: The Secret to Eating Less
By Carly Young, Special to LifeScript
Sunday, August 26, 2007

By now, most people know that eating more fiber is a great way to stay full all day long and keep hunger pangs to a minimum. But did you know that consuming enough protein will keep you away from the candy jar as well? Because fat is the slowest nutrient to leave the stomach, researchers used to assume that eating enough of it was the key to feeling full. However, French fries and donuts, which are high in fats but also high in processed carbs and sugar, donít do a thing to satiate you. In fact, theyíll do the opposite, taking you on an energy high and bringing you in for a crash landing, leaving you fatigued and famished. By contrast, the protein found in foods like turkey, eggs and nuts will satisfy your hunger, render you less likely to snack later on, and wonít leave you ravenous like common junk foods do. Eat lean protein with every meal and snack and youíll have a better chance of staying full until itís mealtime again. Hereís the proof that protein fills you up: Women can down a family-sized bag of potato chips or crackers because simple carbs of this kind donít do anything to appease hunger. But have you ever heard of someone bingeing on a whole steak, a dozen eggs or a family-sized package of nuts? We didnít think so. In addition to controlling your cravings, protein is essential for building bone, muscle and skin. It also keeps your hair shiny and strong. Just donít fall for the protein myth that consuming massive amounts protein will automatically lead to fat loss. Keeping your diet balanced is the key to getting the body you want, preserving your health and looking your best.




Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.


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