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3/19/14 12:54 A

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Popeye, what a great cat essay you wrote below! I can see you're a true cat (and dog) fancier, as we are here. Our old cat - the only one left of the "3 Amigos" on my Sparkpage - is now 20 years old but he's a spry one! He came to our door meowing his head off in a late night blizzard 19 years ago and he's been with us ever since ... indoors only. As I'm sure you can guess, this cat knows us and our habits better than most of our human friends and family. He really is a good boy and only jumps up on the dinner table about once a year when we're home. I seriously doubt he jumps up on anything when we're not home, but he might! Once I knew for sure he jumped on the serving bar counter in the kitchen during the night. It was a couple months ago when I had birthday cards standing up on the counter ... next morning a couple were knocked down. I do like your pop or beer can idea and it's one I will try if we get another cat someday. But at age 20, I don't have the heart to discipline a very well behaved cat who only rarely does something I don't like. I just make sure he gets down immediately and tell him NO! He knows ... Cats are very intuitive if they "click" with you, and this guy loves us, no doubt about it. But then, as you suggest with the cats at the shelter, he picked US and decided to stay! Thanks for your lovely essay, Popeye ... I really enjoyed reading it!

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3/18/14 5:57 P

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Thanks for the chuckle. It lightened my mood considerably!

Bev, there is a very easy way to learn if your cat jumps on your counter tops, AND it also teaches them to NOT jump on your counter tops. It is totally painless to the cat and it doesn't take long to train the little one at all.

First, you must collect enough soda (or beer) cans as it takes to go around your counter tops with no more than 2" between cans. Set up all of the cans about 3" back from the edge of the counter and leave home as usual (this also works for the dinner table).

When you come home it will be evident what happened while you were gone. When you come home three days in a row with the cans all still standing, your cat will have learned it's lesson (usually). You may have to repeat this treatment later if you find evidence of recidivism, or if your cat learns what you are doing by watching your habits around the kitchen.

My wife and I adopt adult cats because they are almost never adopted. You can tell which adult cats are human friendly, at least at our shelter. There is a room about 10' x 10' with glass windows. The aides bring in the adult cats and when they have settled in, a prospective foster parent can go in and make a decision on which cat to adopt (they also do this with kittens) - I simply go in and set in the middle of the floor and see which cats come over to play or simply to cuddle next to me and pick from those, mostly.

I also look at the cats that come close and walk around the outside of the friendly cats, I sometimes go just with my instinct because some of these cats would like to be friends, but something has happened to make them very cautious as to which person to adopt into their pride. I've had great luck in picking cats because we've always had a great relationship with cats - actually, I don't think luck has anything to do with it. I think it has a lot to do with instinct. Sometimes you just know when a particular animal is waiting for you to give a signal that tells the animal you are willing to be adopted into their family.

I've never had a Pit Bull, so I have no experience with them at all. I have had Dobermans, German Shepherds, Boxers and Rottweilers, all large dogs that sometimes have a dubious reputation around people. As long as you make it very clear who is the Alpha Male, or in some cases the Alpha Bitch, they give you no problem at all.

With one Dobie, he quickly learned that my Dad was the Alpha Male, my Mom was the Alpha Female and my bother and I were the Bravo Males. He thought it was great being the Charlie Male, except for the old Alpha Tom cat who had adopted me by jumping thru an open window in my bedroom and sleeping at the foot of my bed.

My Tom never ran from Sarge. When Sarge got into the space that Tom felt was his own, Tom would come up in the classic cat-fighting pose - half turned away from the dog, fur puffed out to make him seem larger and with the one paw in the air next to his ear. The day Sarge decided to come into Tom's space, Sarge got a nose full of cat claw. Sarge seemed puzzled that Tom would fight right. His dog bluffing was totally ignored by Tom. It only took a few times needing his nose doctored before Sarge declared a truce.

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3/18/14 7:35 A

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Heh! Good one! Thanx! emoticon

Er ... EGADS! Who picked out that wallpaper?!


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3/18/14 2:44 A

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I love that the cat just sits and watches... emoticon


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3/18/14 12:33 A

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3/18/14 12:07 A

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Why that cute little rascal !!! That was a good laugh!
Sally emoticon

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3/18/14 12:04 A

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Yes, I saw that one on Doug Giles's site, too ... it's a great reminder to idiot cat owners like me who brag, "Oh, my cat *never* jumps up on the table or kitchen counters!" But you see, I have no proof, because I've no idea what he does when I'm not home! And this is why I use lots of those Clorox antiseptic wipes!
emoticon emoticon

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)
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3/17/14 11:41 P

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Need a laugh? I did and this sure helped! emoticon

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