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I just bought an Instant-Pot and it's great!

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Many people have bad memories of pressure cookers; it seems like every family has a tale involving a pressure cooker explosion. Fortunately, they have been improved dramatically over the years and are now safer and easier to use than ever. The most convenient pressure cookers to use are electric; they require minimal tending, unlike stovetop models. Some are multi-pots and can cook in pressure or slow cooker modes, like the Breville Fast Slow Cooker. Whether you use an electric or a stovetop pressure cooker, you can have a meal ready to serve in just minutes. How great is that!

Instant Pot is quite popular and features a stainless steel inner pot. It is Chef AJ's pressure cooker of choice, and she travels with one wherever she goes. Instant Pot has a robust website that includes a cookbook with recipes by Jill Nussinow (aka "The Veggie Queen") and Chef AJ, both vegan chefs, as well as recipes by other chefs. The website also features excellent videos. You can find links to the features and learn more about using an Instant Pot in this post by Wendy Solganik on Healthy Girl's Kitchen

There are other brands of electric pressure cookers on the market such as Cuisinart, Fagor, T-Fal (Emeril's), Most, if not all, of these have nonstick surfaces on the cooking pot. Most of the stovetop models are stainless steel. There are probably nonstick interiors on some of them; it's not a feature I go out of my way to find.

If you are considering buying an electric pressure cooker, or any pressure cooker for that matter, be sure to do your homework. You can only fill the pot 2/3 full, so a pot isn't as large as it seems - you can push a bit beyond that fill level if you're cooking greens. When I was shopping for my first one, I attended a demonstration and tasting at my local Williams Sonoma store. Both stovetop (Fagor) and electric (Cuisinart) were featured. It was really eye opening for me to taste vegetarian bean chili that was ready to eat without presoaking in just minutes. Now I own a Fagor Duo Combi 5-Piece Set (4 and 8 quart cookers plus a steamer/pasta insert, a very nice feature, and a glass lid that fits both cookers), a Cuisinart 1000 watt 6 quart, and an Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6-Quart 1000-Watt.

For a quick summary of electric pressure cooker info, read this article on The Kitchn website. It's the first of a series; you can access more of the series at the bottom of the article.
If you want to learn more about pressure cooking and the various types of pressure cookers, check these resources:

James Beard Award winner Lorna Sass is known as "The Pressure Cooker Queen." She has written several books including "Cooking Under Pressure" (the 20th Anniversary edition was published in 2009) and "Short-Cut Vegan." There's a link to her blog (not updated very often but quite useful) on her website

California based dietitian, author, and adjunct chef instructor Jill Nussinow has introduced thousands to the joys of vegetarian and vegan pressure cooking. Her book " The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals in Less than 30 MInutes" is excellent, as are her other books. This link goes directly to her pressure cooker page. Be sure to explore the rest of her website while you're there

J L Fields, author of the blog J L Goes Vegan, is the author of "Vegan Pressure Cooking: Delicious Beans, Grains, and One-Pot Meals in Minutes." Visit her website at This secure link goes to a fun interview where she talks about her book. Just copy the link and paste it into your browser; I can't post it as a live link. Be sure to copy the full link; for some reason it is split into 2 lines:

There are other pressure cooker resources that are not exclusively devoted to vegetarian and vegan cuisine such as "Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooking Recipes" and her website Laura Pazzaglia is the author of "Hip Pressure Cooking" and creator of the blog of the same name Her site's cooking timing chart is invaluable

This is a video demonstration of a Fissler Pressure Cooker from Williams Sonoma. It's a secure link; just copy and paste link this into your browser to watch it because SP doesn't support live secure links.Be sure to copy the full link; for some reason it is split into 2 lines :

Watch Jill Nussinow make White Beans with Greens and Lemon using an Instant Pot IP-DUO. The IP-DUO is a multi-function cooker, but she is just demonstrating the pressure cooker function in this video. This is another secure link, so just copy and paste it into your browser. Be sure to copy the full link; for some reason it is split into 2 lines:

Finally, this episode of "The Chef and The Dietitian" featuring Chef AJ and Julieanna Hever, the Plant -Based Dietitian, is all about cooking kale in and Instant Pot. It's fun ... and another secure link, so do the copy and paste thing again. Be sure to copy the full link; for some reason it is split into 2 lines:

Here's Chef AJ making Mushroom Chili in an Instant Pot. It's another secure link, so you know what to do:

Visit Chef AJ's blog on VegSource and visit her website

If you have a favorite recipe that is cooked in a pressure cooker, please share. Happy cooking!

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