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This was very interesting. If I find someone to be rude or hear someone not being nice to another person, or being cut off in traffic, I send them a blessing (most of the time) I have to remind myself that I am not God..I have no right to judge another person's behavior. I am learning that I don't know what that person is going through at the moment. I have not been so sweet to others at times and I do feel bad about that. Thinking a positive about people does make a difference.

Thank for all you do and for sharing your thoughts on the Mind Connection. I have learned so much by your writings. emoticon

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The Mind Connection
by Joyce Meyer

Chapter 13

Why Aren't You like Me ?

This certain part of our book, doesn't follow scriptural principles directly. Therefore, there will be a more casual interpretation. In fact, if you get an opportunity to get to read the actual chapter, you may not see it her way. I will attempt to make this point clearer as we process.

The Bible doesn't say some of the points she makes, but she is taking the liberty to read between the lines , give personal stories and examples, and mention practical ideas of getting along with others. If we are to value others by loving them, then interpersonal skills are of critical importance. She seems to imply that our relationships at work, in marriage, families, friendships, and any other sort, will be seriously hindered , if we don't make an effort , to tolerate and like others that are different than us. Sounds logical, but challenging to do. In other words. Just because an individual or people group, are unique and have different values, isn't an automatic reason to dislike someone.

Often we make up our mind already based on very little. We brought this up on some of the previous lessons.

First of all, she goes on about how BORING it would be everything or everyone was the same. That a DAH point. We tend to feel more comfortable or gravitate to people that have the most in common. I think this is fine. However, it's rude and unkind to ignore anyone who happens to be older, younger, different ethnic group, financial status difference, opposite sex, has some pronounced body variation , and other things, right ?

The Lord tells how to live in the world, but don't adapt certain values and behavior. It's even commanded to specifically show the fruit of the Spirit and especially be hospitable to those Christians, since we are in the same spiritual family. Yes, we can love another believer in a general way, but it's hard to love anyone at a deep level, when you don't “ know them”. By making the effort to do so, one would probably feel more significant and accepted.

Joyce says , that some of the things we think about a person, affects how we will treat them.
She did some experiments of intentionally thinking good things about them. Not only did she feel more gracious toward them, but sometimes they responded in an improved manner. I can't say, that by taking such an action, we will get along with everyone, or they will treat us well, but sometimes it will help. If nothing else, it will help us process conflict better. She has the opinion, that what we contemplate when we aren't with them, will influence how we will treat them when we are. I hadn't given this a great deal of thought. I know that once, no matter how such I prayed and talked nice to a difficult person, it didn't do a lick. That certainly doesn't seem it wouldn't help other occasions. Lastly, she talks about Prayer Thoughts. She would think something constructive about someone and then pray for them or the meeting.

I have no doubt this can help our attitude and may get though to a person in an positive manner.
Supporting Scriptures: Ps. 139:13-16, Rom. 12:6, Gal. 1:10, Eph. 6:6

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