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5/12/16 1:46 P

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Thank you I love your post and Joyce Meyer is 1 of my favorites emoticon emoticon

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5/8/16 8:47 P

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Oh I'm SO glad you received something from the book, and the lesson I wrote.

My intention was to hear what people thought about the material and how we view what both of us said. So now I'm happy to learn that something I posted spoke to you, and that her material is relevant.

Most of us have dealt with some of these things at some point. Often we might not blast someone, but aren't saying things that bless or improve the relationship or help the situation. Personally, some of her teachings, have put a spotlight how this works out with other Christians and non believers. I have an example I my share later. It had to do with a different study, but how I noticed that we can practice to do better in this....

We might see the need to grow in an area... Our God is thrilled when we are open to the Holy Spirit working in areas. Obviously, just be aware, and trying isn't the only thing he wants... but openness for the Spirit to do work.

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5/8/16 8:05 P

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Wow. I thought Joyce knew me personally and was talking to only me here. I could relate so much.I find myself putting myself down when I didn't do something right, or didn't say what I was supposed to say, or didn't think before I spoke. Speaking impusively has gotten me in hot water all my life. Also, my tone of voice is another problem I have. I need to ask God's guidence on how to speak with a pleasing voice and not a hot tongue. It's not something you learn over night. I'm 67 and still working on these quirks or un-pleasant habits. I can not do this on my own. Only God can help me with the Holy Spirt talking in my ear, if I will only listen and not go my own way. I will not let Satan directmy thoughts. He has no voice in my head.

I'm going to write down those 5 suggestions on an index card and keep that list with me in my purse. I will refer to it often until it is engrained in my mine. I iwant to have the mind of God and be like Jesus.

Thank you so much for posting this. I am really enjoying this study and the time and effort you put forth. I appreciate you.


Elayne from the west coast of Fl.

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Playing my sax is how I connect with God. That gift is from God and I use it to Glorify His name. It's not bout's all about HIM.

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5/5/16 8:14 P

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The Mind Connection
by Joyce Meyer

Chapter 9 Thoughtless Actions

Joyce proposed that some of our problems stem from being impulsive. When we don't consider our words, beforehand. Sometimes the effects are damaging.
How often do we neglect to give calculated considerations of where our deeds will lead us ? She implores her readers to reflect on the mental and emotional pain that come into relationships by not considering other people. Haven't you had your day ruined by criticism? Relationships tend to deteriorate from inappropriate timing, unkindness, saying too much, or not listening.

Our author recommends that we learn to intentionally and purposely find ways to help , instead of tossing back what has been done to us. What we see and experience is often rude and not godly. Maybe it doesn't seem apparent that acting differently, as any impact on a person or situation. However, at least we are less likely to stay bitter.

Much of our thoughts seem insignificant . She calls these gray thoughts. They're not really good or evil per se .They are based on things we notice, recalled, or exposure to different things. One of the things, she conveys , is that we can choice to take charge at times. For an example, let's just say, you think,
I keep messing up and repeating such and such sin. God must be disgusted with me. And I'll never overcome such and such.

Briefly, she observed, the tendency of wandering reasoning and and worrisome introspection. Usually, this was to do with the past or future. Does it often dilute your present satisfaction?This is the purpose for her commentaries , for picking another direction to go. If you feel as if something is more than you can handle... then tell yourself:

1. Remember some answers of prayer
2. redirect the thought positively
3. act God for wisdom
4. Cut something out of your schedule/ if led
5. Search for scriptural insight

We know Satan wants us to give up trying and submitting ourselves to the Lord. If we get frustrated enough, we will back off from intimacy from God . Likely we will feel like a failure or unloved, and think it is easier to ignore, our problem. This could show up by overeating, smoking, media choices, and hundreds of other other ways.

Next she challenges us,to not exclude the enemy's influence on both our thoughts and undertakings.
She reminds us that,the enemy can operate in the spiritual realm., Be alert ! We should appraise our thoughts and ideas, that are inconsistent ones' being and their faith. No, we shouldn't be looking under every rock. There are also believers that don't want to discuss or believe in the a adversary at all. To exclude him from the dialogue, would be pleasant. We are of course speaking of a convenient lie, which is deception at it's finest. There are several other factors, we know, that cause the gap between niceties
and perfection

I like the part in which Joyce imparts her plans and ides about being thoughtful. Basically , she brings up two methods she practices. Often we use impromptu style. This is when ,you just say or do the right thing. Your not trying to.........particularly .It just happens when one is at the grocery store, your kids classroom, taking your car in... whatever. Her premise is , we are to represent Jesus. This isn't merely telling one the 4 Spiritual Laws or explaining spiritual insights. If we are not totally self absorbed, people could notice, smiles, being considerate , how we drive, and such. Probably, I didn't consider it some of the ways, she brings up. However, to be genuinely interested in others , speaks volumes. Just asking questions, is more than a sales technique. At least, it could be potentially. Even recently, I felt impressed to ask a few non believers to pray for them. I was flabbergasted that they were open, and thanked me. I've also prayed for some that, I weren't sure they were born again. Let me tell you, that they all might consider what you say, of you are gracious. Anyhow, Joyce makes up ways of blessing and encouraging others. I've been doing this for several years. Some of them live on my block. I hope to get to witness to my neighbor before she moves.

Her overview:

Thinking before we open our mouths, might have been results.

Scripture tells us that conflicts and wrong ideas may start in the mind.

You can practice well. Godly behavior will follow.

Intentionally choose your thoughts and behavior.

Supporting Scriptures:
11 Cor. 2:10-11
11 Cor. 10:3-5
Is. 26:3
Heb. 10:36
Duet. 30:19
Jn. 13:2
Acts 5:3

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