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thanks for your insights emoticon

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This was very good for me to read. For years I had struggled with low self esteem and bordered on perfectionism in my sax playing. I have finally lightened up on that and it helps me to just enjoy playing my best, but I know I don't have to play perfectly. emoticon

Elayne from the west coast of Fl.

"Music is the original mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug. Ask your doctor if Music is right for you."

Playing my sax is how I connect with God. That gift is from God and I use it to Glorify His name. It's not bout's all about HIM.

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.The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer

Chapter 8

Positive Self Talk

This chapter brings up the topic of a healthy self image. We all know that there is a wide view of how people perceive themselves.

Some have an absorptive amount of pride,they believe that their skills, behavior, education, financial position, actually move them up the ladder of worth and value.

Others dislike themselves as a result of many factors. Maybe they are poor at something such as math. Their slow, or clumsy. They had a bad upbringing. Basic needs were' t met. We might know someone who hates themselves because they are overweight, or because of an exaggerated facial feature or body part. Disrespecting oneself is a crummy outlook, because we are constantly exposed to our own being , all the time.

When this is the case, it impacts all other relationships to some degree. For example, when children grow up with harsh, legalistic , critical parents; they often are perfectionists or condemning in the manner they treat others. These traits cause pressure to be put on everyone involved. Often there is an unrealistic expectation for one to act in their personal life, and this carries over to how they view God. This is because we develop our attitudes on authority from both our parents and other authority figures.

When we learn to accept God as long-suffering, full of mercy, grace and kindness, we can extent this to both others easier. It's pretty hard to give something you don't have or received. I have observed a person demanding a ridiculous amount of sacrificing as payment for faults, weaknesses, mistakes, and previous sins. Not only that, but we put these trips on ourselves also.

Joyce tells us why she thinks that one would fall into these patterns.
1.No mercy show as a child.

2. Improper religious upbringing. Overemphasis on doing things by themselves. Being under the law and codes of behavior.

3. A perfectionist might once focus on whatever is wrong with something, and ignore the positive.

4. It's not seen as fair to extend mercy. It wasn't earned.

5. When one experiences God's grace for what God had provided, one is more likely to show this kindness toward others.

God views us as being right in Christ. In our own best intentions and effort, we are not accepted in our own imperfect merits.

We can only be changed as we conform to the Holy Spirit's work and learning to think differently and obeying the word of God. We will exhibit new ideals, attitudes, thoughts, words, by digging into the word of God and allowing them to transform us. This principle works both directions .

When we are confused in fear, worry, hurt, anger, we sow seeds of negativity. We may be stuck in a grove of wrong thinking and behavior . Once this is practiced for a long time, it could become a stronghold. Constantly listening to the world, the flesh, the enemy ,gets one farther away from God's presence and peace.

When we take time to spend time with the Lord Himself and absorb His word by reading, and meditating on it, we move closer and closer, our nature will change. Our habits and life gets changed by glory to glory.

Lastly, Joyce indicates some suggestions for caring for protecting our self image. Repeatedly some of those principles are brought up. Again, knowing and regularly practicing these ideas, are two different things.

If you want to be happy then
1. sleep and take regular breaks
2. eat more good things than junk
3. yourself in a reasonable balanced way
4. think about good things not just problems and every wrong
5. enjoy life and have down time
6. help others and be open to blessing or helping others when God leads ( not that you must do every opportunity
7. have better actions that are uplifting
8. watch for being selfish , giving in fun. Again is God directing you or guilt and obligation

Supporting scriptures in this chapter:

Mt. 12:7
11Cor 5:17
11 Cor.2:16
Rom. 12:5-6
Jer. 29:11
Eph. 2:6,10
Heb. 10:17
1Cor. 3:16
Gen. 1:31
Jn. 15:15
Rom 9:25
Rom 12:2
1 Pe. 4:8
When we constantly listen to the world, the enemy, old man, we get farther away from God's presence and peace.

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