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oh great!!!! Which one is Jill?

Did you get the teeth protocol?


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Hi Jill, I just finished reading this review and again, Joyce is talking to me. She has a way about doing that, doesn't she? Hmmm..Would I want to be my best friend or be a best friend to me? Interesting thought. Today I would say yes, but much earlier in my life I would have said no. God, time, life experiences and maturity have changed how I think, speak and act for the better, I believe. I am always working on being my own best friend and will until the day I die. emoticon

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Elayne from the west coast of Fl.

"Music is the original mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug. Ask your doctor if Music is right for you."

Playing my sax is how I connect with God. That gift is from God and I use it to Glorify His name. It's not bout's all about HIM.

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thanks! I hope your reading my chapter reviews. It's nice to have some people read what I wrote. It's a bit of a job, to not get at least a bit of participation. It looks like there is a bit of new movement here. emoticon

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The Mind Connection
by Joyce Meyer

Chapter 7
Would you Like To be Friends With You?

We know that our disposition affects all our relationships. One way to view our interactions
with others is to ask ourselves how our attitudes impact people. If we were to use a word picture involving steps,it would look like this. The first step represents our thoughts, the second step is our attitudes,the third step is our decisions and choices. Lastly, there is our words and actions. You can see
that the order of this cycle maybe be reversed. Often we don't reflect on our thoughts we speak. We may not be aware of what is behind the surface. We could just react from unconscious interaction or from known previous experiences.

Personal experiences, investigation on the topic, and Bible study, has led Joyce to some conclusions
in her books. Intimacy with mates,family, friends, and anyone else we encounter is damaged by doing certain kinds of things. She provides some advice to improve and bless our circle of influence also. I will cover her main points below.

Being Friendly-
This enables others to desire to what to be with us. Being kind and encouraging, are terrific attributes
to become seasoned in doing.

Give What You Hope to Get-
Doesn't it reinforce your value when someone is listening well?

Be Generous
Yous sow what you reap.

What Goes Around, Comes Around
The Wheel Principle
Whatever someone does, it comes back in to them in some fashion. It may be through another event or person. Even if it appears that someone is getting away with some injustice, we will be healed of all pain in heaven.

You Become like the People you Spend Time With
You might have relatives or people at work that have bad habits. As Christians we don't have to follow
their beliefs, decisions and practices. If these are your only contacts, it makes it pretty easy to fall into their patterns.

Try to not hold grudges, as to not develop a root of bitterness. Strife and gossip can end up with some undesirable consequences.

Beware Of Justification
We don't want to become deceived or refuse to admit and confess our faults. We can seek the Holy Spirit will show us how to shift through excuses and also how to deal with others offenses.

Supporting scriptures

Gal. 6:7
Proverbs 16:26
John 8:31-32 emoticon

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