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6/18/16 9:12 P

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All that was said below plus another thing I've learned to do is say to myself, "turn it around" and try to find God's perspective on whatever then say that aloud... a lot!

Co-leader for Prophetic People:

Elisabella's Books: Encouraging, Enlightening and sharing God's heart to yours

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4/28/16 2:23 A

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I like what you said in point 3. Since, I have so many serious things going on right now... I'm looking for things to inspire me.

I saw an amazing show on PBS about beavers. I looked at a cool book in the library at Italian art and Villas.

Tonight I heard a teaching on compassion. The lady shared some answers to prayer.

I try and notice these things. it helps somewhat deal with the stress of what's going on.

Earlier I savored some delicious, beautiful food.

Other times things can get to you....

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4/27/16 8:15 P

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I love this prayer from Psalm 51:30.. We sang this as an anthem that was beautiful. I'm singing it now as I type.

Elayne from the west coast of Fl.

"Music is the original mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug. Ask your doctor if Music is right for you."

Playing my sax is how I connect with God. That gift is from God and I use it to Glorify His name. It's not bout's all about HIM.

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3/6/16 7:02 P

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"1. Even if things are tough and frustrating at times, we could still enjoy our lives. How?"

-- By how we choose to look at the circumstances; is that cup half-empty or half-full?
-- By not dwelling on the negative, and, as Joyce says, "When I fill our thoughts with right things, the wrong ones have no room to enter."

"2. By enjoying your life, things are easier to handle. Why is that?"

-- If I'm content and enjoying my life, I will tend to see things with a more positive outlook,

"3. How do you renew your mind?"

-- This is my morning prayer:

"4. Your life will become good when you do what it takes. What can I do, to cooperate?

-- Faith + effort

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3/4/16 12:11 A

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The Mind Connection
by Joyce Meyer

Chapter 1
The Life you've Always
Wanted to Live

The first chapter of this book quotes John 10:10. This is a well known verse that gives two opposite plans for our lives. Jesus proclaimed that our Father God desired for us to have a life that is abundant and overflowing.

The enemy on the other hand would rather, “ steal” ( rip of / take away ), destroy ( not just ruin) but
“ kill” our spirits and soul . After all, it wouldn't have the same effect, if you just died. If your spirit has been raised in Christ, and your soul is made whole... than the results aren't permanent.

Our Lord gives us eternal life, and Satan can only separate us from God, when we are born once
( unregenerate ).

The next example she gives is a story concerning a man named Chuck who lost his job. I should think many spouses would try and support their husband if they were laid off a position. It is a blow for a person's self esteem and probably disappointing. This man had been fired four times in 7 years.

His wife knew this pointed to some personal problems he had. He had a habit of constantly complaining and blaming most things on others. Not only that, but his attitudes caused others to back of from him and he hardly had an buddies.
He also believed that most people had privileges and advantages, which he didn't have. Not only that, but he was rarely thankful or grateful for what blessings he did have .

Eventually , he went to church and he came to the Lord and learned new traits from the Holy Spirit, the Word, and good examples, with his new group of friends.

Joyce reminds us to” keep the light” on. If we read, study, pray,and apply the word, we will become more hopeful.

Wouldn't you compare this to eating junk food ? This might satisfy and curve hunger to some degree, but is not a benifical and nourishing. In other words, the other voices we listen to such as the media, can be useless, or have some value. The word of God has life and value.

Summery to think about

1. Even if things are tough and frustrating at times, we could still enjoy our lives. How?

2. By enjoying your life, things are easier to handle. Why is that?

3. How do you renew your mind?
Do you find any practical methods helpful ?
Have you made this decision to actively work with God in this area?

4. Your life will become good when you do what it takes .
What can I do, to cooperate?

Can you think of any examples on how one could rephrase their thinking to be more positive in these areas?

1 financial
2. spouse/ family
3. emotions
4. Spiritual
5.. health

May use alternative names and details to protect privacy


I don't see how we can afford housing to stay in this area. If God wants us to continue doing A, B, C, D, He has to provide a place or open a door.

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