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4/5/12 1:27 A

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I said no to the sugar monster, two times, on Wednesday !
First, I was offered one of those ice cream bars, that have 100 calories !
" No, thanks, was my steadfast reply.
Later on, I was offered a filled dark chocolate.
Again, I declined.
I truly regard these two refusals, as personal victories over that sugar
monster !
Let the battle rage on !
I am finally ready to win, again !

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4/3/12 8:51 A

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The sugar monster is definitely a sneaky demon. Thanks for sharing your experience, we are always here for you!

Everything we do in life is a choice...I can't blame others for my thoughts or actions.

Faith is taking the first step-even when you don't see the whole staircase.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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4/3/12 7:22 A

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Never, never give up. The key to success at anything - Never, never give up.

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4/3/12 1:48 A

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Thank you for sharing your successes as well as your difficulties during this challenge. We all have those days when even though we have the best of intentions that SUGAR MONSTER wins but you showed that sugar monster who is the boss. You faced up to it, recorded what you ate in order to reflect on what happened rather then to punish yourself you are instead taking responsibility and moving forward/starting over/taking charge! You have control again—you survived and now the sugar monster is not in control of you because you are the tamer of the sugar monster and you can do it!

Together we are stronger than we are alone and by sharing your experiences you not only strengthen yourself but you strengthen others by your example. None of us is perfect and we all give into cravings from time to time. But, we can often stop those situation by putting down the spoon, brushing off the sugary crumbs and writing about what we are feeling that is causing the craving and this very act of delaying or stopping the sometimes mindless act of giving into the sugar monster creates a new way of doing things and gives us one more stepping stone towards the healthy lifestyle that we all strive to achieve.

Many times we eat foods to give us things that we are missing in our sooth us, to comfort us, to bury our anger or frustrations or as a way to hide our frustrations and stress. Perhaps, there was something that happened today that triggered your overwhelming feeling of being out of control as you gave into the sugar monster. Over the next few days as you reflect on what happened you might discover something and this will better prepare you for any future attacks by the sugar monster.

You can and have conquered the sugar monster and so you know you can do it again--you’re the BOSS! You can do it!

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4/2/12 8:12 P

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Keep trying, get a grip on what the triggers were and get back up on that wagon! I'm proud that you were able to talk about it and not hide the incident.We're in this together and every good day is a victory!

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4/2/12 6:26 P

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Hi All-

Today was like being hit by a huge wave, and tumbled in the surf, when you were expecting something much smaller and gentler. I got off track with sweets early in the morning and asked for support, which I received : ) What followed was a period from about 1:00-5:30 where I just couldn't get a foot hold on my goals and felt out of control. I had been sugar free for 3 weeks (I was sugar free for a week before beginning the TYST challenge) I had also just ended another food challenge at our gym yesterday. I guess I pushed it too hard and was overwhelmed and today I kind of "went wild" In my head was a strong desire to eat every denied treat - today. It was definitely binge eating and I couldn't seem to reason with myself about how harmful it was to ingest so much sugar and bad fat, into my system.

I am now over it. I logged all of it and will reflect on it. Not beat myself up, just reflect on how it felt and what was going on in my head.

Part of my healing is this new and different step I am taking in logging it ALL and writing about it here. This is change. I am not brushing this under the rug. I am not punishing myself. I am listening to myself and knowing that right now, this minute and going forward, I am, and will continue to be healthy and make the right choices.

Biggest lesson for today is that I simply can not underestimate the strength and power of the Sugar Monster, when it hits. It moves as fast as a fire. I called in the SP fire department and used all the water I had to "put it out"

6:25 Full, feeling a little off, and done with my food intake for today. Rest, read, take it easy. I'm ok and I survived.

Moatie emoticon

Never, never, never, never, never give up!


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