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1/29/12 7:30 P

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Tomorrow will be one week smoke-free.

I'm about to do some exercise & cardio. I'm feeling better at night & in the morning since I'm not smoking. :-) I hope to see the results when I do my cardio. Hopefully it won't feel like so much effort.

1/28/12 11:55 A

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I'm actually on day 10 of being a non-smoker. The hardest part for me was not smoking in the car, I couldn't get the smell out or get rid of all the ashes that accumulated in the back seat (icky!). So I guess it ended up being fate that my car died and I had to replace it. I have a quit smoking app on my phone that shows me how much money I've "saved", which will go towards paying off the new car, and I'm determined to keep it ash-free and save the value going forward.

I had done some research on how smoking affects your body and it actually increases your heart rate and blood pressure, artificially boosting your metabolism, which is why we tend to see weight gain after quitting. Even though I've been trying to make time for the cardio and the strength training (I've been a little lazy with the videos in the mornings...) I've managed at least to not gain, so I'm using that as my positive motivator right now. This week I need to work on keeping up the gym routine, adding some resistance to my strength training, and eating more fruits and veggies!

Best of luck, and congratulations!

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1/27/12 9:23 P

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Good luck.

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SMCCAR01 Posts: 20
1/24/12 4:50 P

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Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!

I am a bit concerned about the potential weight gain, but I'm determined to adjust what I am currently doing with the Jump Start challenge and increase where necessary to be successful all the way around!

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1/24/12 4:45 P

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emoticon SMCCAR01
I was a 60 or so a day addict at one time, so I know the feeling.
I found the best thing, where I could manage it, was to change situations around - so when it was a time i'd normally have a smoke, I was out walking, or busy peeling potatoes, or dusting though preferably cleaning with chemicals! I ust would NOT smoke when I was using any chemicals.

The only person who can get you to give it up is YOU. So try to not let anyone talk you into this. YOU do it for YOU, first and foremost. Any other incentives have to take a definite back seat. But a nice one is to put the cigarette money in a box or a jar - use it for a reward for yourself, or towards a holiday, whatever - but you get to see a visible and tangible difference.

One thing you might need to watch out for is putting a bit of weight on while you stop smoking - apparently the activity of smoking burns a number of calories. It's not just the sweeties (candies) that some folk take up instead.

Please feel free to contact me by mail, if you think i can be a help (or at least a sounding post).

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1/24/12 4:22 P

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Hooray for your progress! You're inspirational! Keep it up emoticon
Kudos for quitting smoking! You just have to take it one day at a time. I quit three years ago. What helped me most was following my doctor's suggestion of going for a quick walk around the block whenever I wanted to smoke. It made me feel good without that nasty smoke! emoticon

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SMCCAR01 Posts: 20
1/24/12 10:42 A

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We all handle it differently.

The fact that I don't have the cash for it is what it's taken for me. lol

Good luck!!!!!!!!

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1/24/12 10:32 A

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I'm contemplating putting down the smokes for the last time too. I'm actually waiting for an electronic cigarette to come in because I think the actual act of smoking has a lot to do with it all for me. Wish me luck. Good luck to you as well.

Kim in Connecticut

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1/24/12 9:19 A

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I do really well til Thursday it seems then I stumble until Sunday.

I actually am seeing a difference. I'm cutting out some calories here and there, and I am seeing the scale inch down. :-)

It's too early to celebrate, but I haven't had a cigarette since noon yesterday. I decided I just can't afford to keep that up financially or physically. We'll see if it sticks!

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