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1/23/12 6:20 P

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U are doing much exercise just doing your regular routine. Good luck.

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1/18/12 4:47 P

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Another thing that is listed is "moving, carrying boxes" - walking around carrying your wee one is no different.

I als count any major activity I do at home, like heavy-duty cleaning, walking while folding the laundry and putting it away (i usually walk at 20 min/mile for that, so it has to count).
I do squats while emptying the dishwasher, and dealing with laundry - between 24 and 72 on the days that I do them. So yes, I count that, as however many sets of 2 x 12.
Housework and looking after you wee one can most cetainly be made into countable and/or accountable exercise. Folk who don't need to count these things I think are very lucky. But I think many more folk could be amazed at how much they are actually doing!

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1/18/12 2:33 P

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As a mom of college kids, I know that playing with them can be very active. And yes, you can count it. Look under other activities and playing with kids is listed. Home activities has moving, as well as heavy cleaning.

One thing I did when mine where young was using the baby as weight. You can do leg lifts with them on the floor, you can also lift them over your head like a shoulder press, or from the floor as a chest exercise. typically, they love it and you get a quick workout. And fyi, any squat with 12lbs is awesome!

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1/18/12 2:22 P

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These are great suggestions. And really what a great question to ask in the first place. We can all find 10 minutes to get in some sort of physical activity. I personally love the daily videos that are part of this challenge. I have to admitt that I haven't done one since Sunday as I have been unpacking from our move. I plan to get caught up on my videos on Friday when I am vacationing in Florida. And then I will continue to do one everyday as I was before and during my move. But since I could hardly find my floor and have had to use my iphone for videos, I have postponed my workouts until my house is livable.

That being said, unpacking has been a great cardio workout. I have worked up a sweat and am constantly moving. In the box, unwrap, put away, repeat. hauling empty cartons, and paper out to the garage. My body feels like it did when I did the Irongirl Duathlon a year ago! These muscles are getting a workout.

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1/18/12 12:35 P

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I would not count shopping or Mommy and Me dance classes since they don't fall into the category of cardio. Yes, it's better than sitting on the couch and doing nothing, but it doesn't count as exercise. I only count intentional cardio or strength training as exercise.

Like others have said there are plenty ways to keep in shape and lose weight even if you can't make it to the gym. The challenge videos are an awesome way of getting some strength training into your day and since they're only 10 minutes long it doesn't take much of a time commitment. I didn't go to the gym in the first year after my daughter was born. I went running outside and used exercise dvds. You could always go for a fast paced walk with the baby in a carrier or stroller. Or how about purchasing some exercise dvds. There are so many great dvds out there. I personally like Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 and 30 Day Shred and she just came out with a new one that I haven't tried, but I've heard good things about.

I know it's hard with a small baby, but if something is important to you, you will make time for it. Treat exercise like you would any other appointment and schedule it into your day and it will happen. I used to exercise while my daughter was napping in the afternoon or right after I put her to bed at night. Once you get in a routine it's easy and it's just part of your day. You can do it! Good luck!


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1/18/12 12:18 P

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It is totally possible to lose weight and get in shape without going to a gym. I've lost all of my weight so far without stepping foot into any gym or using any machines. I walk, I do low impact aerobic videos (Leslie Sansone's rock!) and I have some inexpensive dumb bells, an exercise ball and some cheap resistance bands. I also rarely do more than 20-30 minutes at a time. If I feel very energetic I just do more workouts in the day to get more activity. I do track my food every day and really focus on staying in my ranges and I always drink at least 9 glasses of water a day.

One of my favorite things to do is marching and jogging in place while I watched TV or am reading a book or listening to music. I have a pedometer that keeps track of how much aerobic activity you get in a day. It counts continual movement of 10 minutes or longer. So I aim for 12 minutes to be sure I got the benefits of aerobic activity.

I do not count shopping and stuff as fitness minutes because, as others have said, it's so relaxed and so much stopping and going that it doesn't even register on my pedometer as aerobic. It does help me get more steps in a day though, which IS a good thing.

So maybe you should pick up a pedometer that measures aerobic activity. Mine is from Omron and is a great reminder to me to move more each and every day.

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1/18/12 12:02 P

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I have a really hard time making it to a gym too. It's actually so bad that I am considering canceling my membership. I have 3 kiddos at home so it's hard to juggle. I have been doing cardio videos at home that have strength training included in them. It is easier for me to commit to that type of cardio then make it to the gym. I started with just a Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk video and once I felt like a pro I graduated to Powerjams :) Also the 10 minute spark videos are really great. I did one this morning, because I was running short on time before work and I burned almost 150 calories. Also if you have netflix there are tons of videos that you can access so you don't feel like your doing the same thing over and over. Have fun and be creative :)


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1/18/12 9:58 A

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I would agree with the other person unless your constantly moving and keeping your heart rate elevated I really wouldn't count it. If going to the gym is not something you can always do try exercising at home. If you have a wii or xbox with kinect they both have great workout games. Also, netflix instant streaming has quite a few workout videos (most of them are from like 05 BUT none the less they will still work). If you have the exercise channel you can DVR some of those or just try to workout when they have a program on you like. Also, sometimes I just browse youtube and do some of those workouts.

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1/18/12 8:26 A

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A good rule of thumb is to only count something as aerobic activity if you engage in it pretty much continuously for at least 10 minutes at a time. For it to be real aerobic activity it needs to engage your large muscles (butt and legs) and raise your heart rate a bit.

As much as it makes me tired, I don't count walking around in a store as activity because I walk a few feet and then stop, walk a few feet and then stop, etc.

Are you continuously moving for 10+ minutes during the sing/dance class? If so, count it as dancing.

With your time crunch, maybe you would benefit from working out with some videos at home during nap time.

Definitely don't beat yourself up, just look for a productive solution!

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1/18/12 8:00 A

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I know this seems like a stupid question but it was a real problem for me last week and is shaping up to be an issue again this week.

Here is my problem. I have a 4.5 month old and due to gym daycare schedules and her nap schedules I can't always get to the gym. That being said we go a lot and certainly after two hours of shopping at Kroger and Target carrying a 12 pound kid plus carrier leaves me feeling like I worked out - my legs burn an dmy biceps are screaming. Or what about the 30 minute Mommy and Me sing/dance class we take?

I am not currently counting any of this as activity and instead have been beating myself up because I can't get to the gym every day to do some kind of activity that fits neatly into a tracking box.

I know there has to be some kind of inbetween - a way to balance this but what is it?

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