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9/9/15 4:38 P

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Hi & Welcome!

I have used oral prednison before, but my doctor now prescribes a different steroid because of the weight gain issues (cravings) that go along with it for me. My rheum know I am trying to get to a healthy weight and that prednisone (the most often prescribed steroid) causes me to gain weight drastically (he has the proof in his records),

My advice is to talk with your doctor. Tell him/her what you are doing and trying to do. Believe me they know that being at a healthy weight helps our condition and encourage us to do what we can.

My RAD presented full blown and aggressively. Without the prednisone I would have been in the hospital for the three months it took to get my first dose of biologic (Remicade in my case). There is hope though even if you have to use steroids for a short time. I gained 30 pounds in three months when I started taking it. I lost 20 in the first three months after stopping it so the effects don't last. (I've taken off a total of 40 lbs from my prednisone high)

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9/7/15 11:11 P

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Hi, Welcome and good for you for asking questions and reaching out.

I am now doing well on Humira and if I feel that I am having a "flair" my rheumatologist has given me a very low dose of prednisone that I can take: 5 mg for 2 days, then 2.5 mg for 2 days.

Before the Humira, for the first couple of years, I tried about every other DMARD pill in combination with Methotrexate, and never had good control of the symptoms, so often took up to 5 mg of prednisone to help with the pain and inflammation.... it can work amazingly on imflammation.

In contrast, I also have asthma and for an asthma flair after I get bronchitis, I will be given 60 mg of prednisone for 2 days, then 50 mg for 2, then 40 for 2, etc. I have had times when that didn't work and my breathing was bad and I needed to be admitted to the hospital and given 100's of mgs of steroids intravenously.

So, low doses in the treatment of RA can be very useful and provide great relief until you find the medications that will arrest the disease in a more permanent way.

Very best wishes.

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9/5/15 9:21 P

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Hi and welcome!

The only time I have steroids is either when I have a bad flare, which is far and few between or and injection for stubborn post flare problems. I have never taken oral prednisone. It has always been either IV or injection. Hopefully the doc will find just the right meds to put you in remission, like my rheumy did and you tolerate them well.

Good luck!

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9/5/15 10:23 A

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Thank you so much Linda. It does comfort me. MY RAD is not so bad yet. I know I will need meds but hopefully not a ton of meds.

9/5/15 10:16 A

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No, not everyone needs steroids. I only use them when I have a really bad flare. Hope this
comforts you. : )

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9/5/15 8:44 A

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I am newly diagnosed and haven't gone to my second visit with the doctor to start treatment yet. My question is does everyone have to be put on steroids with RAD? I just don't want to be fighting a losing battle with trying to lose weight and then getting put on steroids.

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