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8/12/12 11:50 A

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Humeria should have a Patient Assistance program, I'm on Enbrel and they do. Go on their site and call them up. If you have insurance, you should be able to get it. If not. Go on Enbrel site, and find out about their program. Hope this helps you.

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8/11/12 2:42 P

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i am currenlty waiting on disability to approve or reject me - AGAIN! I have an attorney this time, but all she is doing is filing my paperwork. She won't be doing too much until we get a court date and I hope that is soon. I should be able to get it, she thinks.

Anyway, I am working with my primary doc and he's just got me on pain medication to manage the pain, but not the disease. My first issue is with the osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, as those are so painful for me. Then the muscle relaxants to deal with the broken back and broken neck and general muscle cramping and pain. I have tried the charity/teaching hospital, but since I live in my parents' home (I am 37and was paying all of their household bills before I couldn't work anymore) and my father is a truck driver, they say my father makes too much for me to be on assistance. However, my parents can barely pay the bills and keep the truck on the road.

Just seems that hospitals don't care anymore since they are getting budget cuts all over the place. And for those of us who cannot afford it, we simply take tons of pain medicine and live with the pain day to day. And you are right, you need nothing else put on your plate right now, and getting a PT job is just as bad,

i truly hope you find a silver lining somewhere. I try to find out if they have any trials going on in RA every onece in a while. I wish you the best of luck!

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8/9/12 1:01 P

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Hi Lynda, I kind've know just what you mean. I remember that with my first labwork with my Dr., it was around $800 and then it went down from there. We have a high $10,000 deductible because we couldn't afford anything else, and the premiun for $10,000 is ridiculous! It's truly frustrating to say the least. Since we can't afford me to be on biologics, I'm getting by most of the time with the 4 precriptions are specifically for RA. And they're cheap. My Dr. has retired, so I'm going to start with an actual Rheumatologist this month, so I'll have to see what he says! Could you apply for disability? I know that that can take awhile, but it might be worth it for you since you're in such a desperate situation. Good luck to you!!

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8/8/12 5:43 P

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Hi Lynda It is tough that's why I don't have a rheumatologist use my primary care doctor I pay my bills depending on the monthly between 10 and 50 a month my lab bill is outrageous I figure as long as I'm making an attempt they can't say anything

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8/8/12 1:37 P

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I was just diagnosed with RA in March which was a relief to know it wasn't all in my head. However, the financial side is starting to kick in now and it is really stressing my mhusband and I out. We had just gotten to a point where our debt was practically gone, now here we are with labwork bills, medications and doctor visits. The lab work is horrible, between 300-500 dollars a month and the hospital where I get it done will not consolidate my accounts into one. I now have 3, going on 4 accounts that I must pay on each month and I know this can not keep up or we will not be able to stay afloat. The Doctor visits aren't too bad yet as we haven't reached our limit for the year so I only pay co-pays. Now my methotrexate isn't working anymore so I will probably be put on a biologic, Humira, which even with our Rx insurance will be around $1,200/ month. there is just no way we can afford it. A friend of mine told me to go for a grant, but we have too much money (well, on paper anyway!) and assets (a rental house that comes up $400 short of paying it's own mortgage a month, but we can't sell it in this economy). So on an application, we look as if we ought to make plenty/month so we don't qualify or the ones we can qualify for aren't open to patients with RA yet/anymore as they've met their quotas.
I just don't know what to do. My husband has limited opportunities to make extra money and I am a stay at home mom, homeschooling the kiddos. I just feel lost and have no idea how to make this work.
Any help, advice or ideas would be appreciated. (No work at home ideas please, I barely have the energy to homeschool and keep the place running, let alone to throw extra responsibilities on my plate. I would do childcare, but our apartment complex does not allow it).

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