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4/1/12 1:06 P

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LOL Stacy! I hear that. I was just telling another friend of mine, every time I broke a plateau it was because I was sick. I couldn't eat, slept all the time and lost like four pounds both times but I didn't regain when I got better so I was kinda thrilled, lol!

Yami, I'm actually really proud of us for sticking with Insanity! I mean, seriously! We're one month down! Week 5 tomorrow and a new workout, woohoo!

Results from march:

1) Get back down to original goal weight. I'm three pounds away from original goal weight. Somehow with Insanity I've been up and down with my weight, which is killing me. I mean, I feel lighter but the number stays the same. The jeans are a smidge looser which makes me happy but I'm nowhere near I wanted to be by the end of March.

2) Read five books this month. I think I read seven honestly.

3) At least get my smallest pair of jeans to sit on my hips. I moved down a size back to my original goal weight jeans and they fit the way they used to although I always did feel they were too thigh hugging for my comfort. Gonna try to get into the smaller size this month. I haven't even attempted it in March.

New (ish) Goals for April:

1) Get back down to original goal weight.

2) Read five books this month. My plan is to read 50 by year's end. I'm on like 21 so far this year.

3) At least get my smallest pair of jeans to sit on my hips.

4) Stick with Insanity this month! I guess that means splitting up the workouts so I do half in the morning and half in the evening. BAH!!

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4/1/12 12:24 A

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March goals -

1 - Get in my long runs on the weekends, havent been doing that, just getting in my short runs during the week so I really need to get into that.

2 - Start and stick with Insanity workout.

3 - Put a little extra money towards my credit card bills this month!


I didnt get any runs in this month because of doing Insanity, just has taken all my energy! lol But on the upside I HAVE been sticking with the insanity workout and I can definitely feel myself getting stronger! I will admit there are times when I just wanna say "forget it, I dont wanna do this anymore!" but then I think about how far i've come and how well I am doing and it helps me push forward!

I had thought I finished paying off one of my credit cards completely last month, but there was a charge I made after they sent me my bill for febraury so I was a little angry with myself because I felt awesome that it was 1 less bill and then BAM! Credit card bill for that card came in lol! But NOW its officially all paid off! I didnt get to put a lot towards my other bills because money has been kinda tight this month, but I am hoping now that one of my bills are completely paid off, I can start putting extra towards the others!!!

OK! Now! Goals for April!

1. Continue with Insanity

2. At least get 2 long runs in this month

3. Walk to work at least once a day to save money plus get in a little bit of an extra burn!

4. Update my workout playlist

"Life is an adventure of your own creation. Make it exhilarating."
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3/31/12 5:55 P

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Results from March:

1. Participate in Group Exercise at least 4 times/week DONE
2. Increase once/week running distance to 5 miles (eep!) DONE (except one weekend when I had the stomach flu)
3. Sleep at least six hours/night (I have two small children, so this is a challenge) FAIL
4. Lose 2 pounds DONE! Lost FIVE (thanks, stomach flu!)

Goals for April:

1. Participate in Group Exercise at least 4 times/week
2. Increase once/week running distance to 10K (6.2 miles!!)
3. Go to bed before 11 o'clock on the regular
4. Lose 2 pounds

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