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Thank you Barbara for great information.
I've never heard about Sorghum/milo.
Very interesting.

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Thanks Barb, really interesting I heard of it but never used it!


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#14.......Sorghum/Milo .....of 19 Whole Grains

sor·ghum [ sáwrgəm ] (plural sor·ghums or sor·ghum)

It is likely that some ancestors of today's cereal grains grew among the wild plants of Africa, including the African native, grain sorghum. Known as one of the oldest crops, the first seeds may have been brought into the United States during the late 1700's on slave ships. It is believed that Benjamin Franklin introduced the first grain sorghum crop to the United States.

Sweet sorghums or sorgos, have sweet juicy stems. They are grown especially for the production of sorghum syrup. Syrup is made by pressing the juice out of the stems with rollers and boiling it down to the proper thickness.

Milo (Grain Sorghum), Organic by Bulk

Grain sorghum is native to Asia and Africa where it has been grown since ancient times. This marvelous, energy-producing plant is a basic food for mankind in regions of Africa, Asia and India, because it is very hardy and can be grown in areas of the world that are too hot or too dry for other crops to be grown successfully. Grain sorghum is a small round berry which may vary in color from yellow to cream to white. This is the grain sorghum that is raising the interest of various snack food processors in the United States. Grain sorghum is one of the five more important cereal crops behind rice, wheat, corn and barley.

Reiner's Farms Grain Sorghum is grown organically in Nebraska and is GMO free. The crop has been adapted to the dry hot climate of the midwest and southwest United States.

Interest in food quality sorghum is growing rapidly in the United States. Sorghum may be ground in hand mills or food processors to the degree of fineness needed (coarsely ground for a cooked cereal, finely ground for flour). Flour should be prepared fresh and used within a few days, or it may be stored in the freezer. Whole grain, if kept cool and dry, may be stored for over a year without becoming moldly or rancid. Store sorghum flour in metal or plastic containers with a tight lid.

Grain sorghum flour contains no gluten, so people who have Celiac disease are able to digest sorghum flour products. Because it is gluten free, recipes will need to be adjusted when replacing flour with sorghum flour. Add one tablespoon of corn starch to every cup of sorghum flour to improve smoothness and moisture retention. An extra egg white will also improve the smoothness and crumb texture.

10 Most Asked Questions About Sweet Sorghum

What is Sweet Sorghum?

Sweet sorghum is made from 100 percent pure, natural juice extracted from sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) cane. The juice is cleansed of impurities and concentrated by evaporation in open pans into a clear, amber colored, mild flavored syrup. The syrup retains all of its natural sugars and other nutrients. It is 100 percent natural and contains no chemical additives of any kind.

Where is Sweet Sorghum Grown?

Sweet sorghum is grown most extensively for syrup in the south-eastern United States yet making syrup extends from the gulf states, including Texas, north to Wisconsin and West to Kansas, Iowa and Minnesota. Kentucky and Tennessee are the leading states in syrup production.

What are the Health Benefits?

Sorghum contains such hard-to-find nutrients as iron, calcium and potassium. Before the invention of the daily vitamins, many doctors prescribed sorghum as a daily supplement for those low in these nutrients.

How do I Use Sorghum?

The versatility of sorghum is being rediscovered by today's nutrition conscious homemakers. They are finding that there is hardly a food served today that sorghum will not improve. Put sorghum over your pancakes, biscuits or toast, as a topping for your ice cream or in Grandmas' treasured recipes for ginger snaps or ginger bread. Sorghum can be used in your stir fry base as well as in your baked beans, its' a great ingredient to add into you homemade breads and can be substituted cup for cup in any recipe that calls for molasses, honey, corn syrup or maple syrup. For today's chef, sorghum is a nutritious flavoring, a seasoning ingredient and a sugar substitute. It is that secret ingredient that gives any food that delicious taste and aroma that spells H-O-M-E-M-A-D-E.

What is the Difference Between Sorghum and Molasses?

Molasses is a by-product of the sugar industry, whereas sorghum is the syrup produced when the extracted juice from the sorghum is boiled down.
How Can I Be Sure That I Am Buying Pure Sorghum? The logo seen here was developed by the NSSPPA as a tool to insure that you are buying a pure sorghum product. Each producer in the association is given a number to put on their logo that will quickly identify where and by whom the sorghum was produced. When you see the logo, you know that you are getting pure sorghum, NOT the blend. BE SURE YOU LOOK FOR THE SWEET SORGHUM LOGO.

What if My Sorghum Crystallizes?

Sorghum like honey can crystallize, however; putting it in a pan of warm water or putting it in your microwave will restore it to a usable form.

Do I Need to Refrigerate Sorghum?

No, sorghum is a natural sweetener and can be treated just like honey. Although refrigeration will not hurt your sorghum, it will make the consistency thicker and harder to spread. Storing at room temperature will keep your product ready to use at all times.

Can Diabetics Use Sorghum as a Sugar Substitute?

Sorry, although it is a natural product, it is still a sugar and will effect your blood sugar readings. Consult your physician to see if small amounts can be incorporated into your diet.


Best Sorghum Cookies



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