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this is a very good question.

I have a body fat monitor and I was told to use the elite setting because I was in marathon training...I might I have been in marathon training but I am NO elite.

Then I chatted with a friend who was exercising (according to her) over and beyond what any normal person would do. she was putting in a daily 40 minute walk.

SO obviously there is a big range in what people
think is avg and beyond or below average.

The latest guide lines (in Canada anyway and Weigh Watchers also agrees) is to be active for 30 minutes 5 times a week. this should be enough to help you lose weight and get fit. SO I would think that 30 min of activity 5 times a day put you in a normal zone.


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I don't know if this helps but I recently read the following definition:

Sedentary = Little or no exercise, desk job

Lightly Active = Light exercise or sports 1-2 days/week

A Little More Active = Exercise or sports 2-4 days/week

Moderately Active = Moderate exercise or sports 4-5 days/week

Very Active = Hard exercise or sports 6-7 days/week

Extra Active = Very hard daily exercise or sports AND physical job or 2X day training

With that said - I don't know that it matters...If you plug in your fitness goals - your calorie goal will change to accommodate those additional requirements.

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Jodymarie - the activity level question is always an interesting one. I think it depends on the context. Sometimes it is asked with regards to your lifestyle overall, in which case if you are a runner, I feel reasonably confident that you are at least moderately active (some websites will give you examples to go by which helps). If they are talking about your activity level NOT INCLUDING your exercise routine, you'll have to judge that for yourself. Unfortunately for me that is pretty easy as I have a desk job. I get about as much exercise as my stapler!

As for calories, I think you should strive to eat approximately the same amount regardless of whether or not it is a running day. I can't say that I personally stick to that. I tend to be ravenous on Long Run days if they are more than, say 8 miles or so (which is pretty much all of them now). If you succumb and have more calories on those days, just make sure they are more calories of good stuff, not junk. That will help a lot.

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How do you determine if you are lightly active or moderately active?? It is driving me nuts. I thought I was one and was told by someone else I am another. I just want to know how to determine and what determines the diff between the 2!


I am just curious as to do YOU consume MORE calories on running days? How much more? What are your ranges on running and not running days? Any info would be nice :)

I am just wanting to see what everyone else does to give me a rough idea,I am trying to figure things out. THANKS!

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