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6/30/12 7:53 P

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Something else to bear in mind. There are latency issues at work in GPS units. You are never really seeing your are seeing your speed from a couple of seconds ago. Trying to "chase the needle" almost always ends in overcorrecting. Go into the GPS menu and look at the Satellite page. If you are consistently under 20 feet, that's reasonably accurate.

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4/6/12 11:00 P

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Tim has it right, really. Unless you are staring at your Garmin (and therefore not focusing on the most important aspect...the run)...your pace will not be on point every minute of your run. I prefer the Chi approach...listen to your what you can...if you want to train on a certain have to program the Garmin to beep if you are not in range. GL


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3/1/12 10:35 P

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I have a similar issue with my 610 when I use the footpod. I have calibrated it several times and it seems to be off quite a bit. I am not sure what to do. Sometimes it is very slow and others fast. No real consitency.

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2/18/12 3:51 P

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I'll throw in my 2 cents. As amazing as these things are, they are still only "really accurate", not exact in plotting your position, which they do every few seconds. If you upload to Garmin Connect you will see this when you look at your track on the satellite map zoomed all the way in. You will see your track zig and zag occasionally where you know you didn't. The pace is calculated from one point to another from where it "thinks" you were. If at one point it thinks you were 8 feet behind where you actually were and the next point it thinks you were 9 feet ahead of actual, it calculates you going quite a bit faster than you were and vice versa. It all averages out like you say. I have my laps on my Garmin 305 set for 1/2 mile. I only look at current lap pace and overall average pace. I don't use current pace for the exact reason you are talking about. Hope this helps.

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2/16/12 11:49 P

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I find that with my 210.

Here's what happens ... I think.

Your pace is not really steady. Over a 1 mile "lap" you may be running a 10:00 mile. When you look at your watch at X.85 mile, you see 10:05. The next time you look at it you are at X+1.15 mile and you see 11:54. That is because it now has been measuring your lap or interval pace for only 0.15 mile. By the time you look at X+1.90 mile your pace reads 10:01.

I think.

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2/16/12 10:20 P

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I see this alot on my runs - where one moment I look and it shows the pace I figure I'm at then the next round it shows like 2 minutes slower then the next thing you know it's like 2 minutes faster than the pace I have a feeling I'm at (and a pace I can't do anyway) but somehow it all evens out at the end of the mile. Anybody know why this happens? Just crappy gps connection? any ideas?

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