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emoticon 100 Days of Weight Loss and 100 MORE by Linda Spangle
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List - 2 links for 2 books: 100 DWL and new book 100 MORE

~~ Set up for success ~ Days 1-10 ~ See your potential ~~
1. I used to be that way! Others Have Done It
2. Interested or Committed? I'll Start Tomorrow
3. Do It Anyway! What if I Fail?
4. Boundaries, not diets Today I'm on My Plan
5. Magic Notebook No Willpower
6. Protect Program Monday Diet
7. I can do it! Not Willing to Change
8. Help me, please... Set Now Goals
9. Here's what I want When to use Plan B
10. Appreciate good support Do it in Fear

~~ Put food in its place ~ Days 11-20 ~ Build on Success ~~
11. Two purposes of food Never give-up
12. Fuel or filler? Success Somewhere
13, Oops, I forgot to eat! Get Some Passion
14. Morning Affects Evening Ditch the Parent
15. First Two Bites Beat Myself Up
16. Nurturing power of food Compulsive or impulsive?
17. Stop Wasting Food Do I Really Care?
18. Retrain Eating Habits I Know What Works
19. Eat Reasonable Amounts Secrete Word
20. Half-off Special Rebuild Your Hope

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~~ Conscious eating ~ Days 21-30 ~ Keep food where it belongs ~~
21. Eat with awareness Couch is Calling
22. Multitask with Food When not to eat dinner
23. Savoring! Food and Nurturing
24. Eat for Satisfaction Planning to Overeat
25. Smaller amounts, less often Party's Over
26. When food disappoints Vacations
27. Eat dessert when it's special Skip it or Savor it
28. Eat because it's there! Get my money's worth
29. Handheld foods Healthy-day Hat
30. Postpone eating Feel Blessed

~~ Listen to your body ~ Days 31-40 ~ Sustain Motivation ~~
31. Hunger Scale Restore Yourself
32. 5-hour Rule Make exercise work
33. Fullness scale Create some Joy
34. Listen accurately Food replaces meaning
35. Eating pause Need for renewal
36. SlowDown My Strengths
37. I love to eat I'm not done yet
38. Food as Power Emotional cold
39. Flavor or texture See your value
40. Eating Experience Believe in yourself

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~~ Jump-start motivation ~ Days 41-50 ~ Separate emotions and food ~~
41. Motivation is a choice Food & feelings
42. Make it matter Food & fun
43. Choose to, not have to Food Memories
44. It's not the right time Food tracing
45. Food, important or not? Safe places
46. If not food, then what Disappointment
47. Kick the can't Food replaces love
48. You gotta want to... Stress is not life
49. Just do something! Laugh away stress
50. 10-minute solution Empty bucket

~~ Emotional eating ~ Days 51-60 ~ Fix the real needs ~~
51. What is emotional eating? Emotional Needs
52. Food is an instant fix The food fix
53. Food is my best friend Taking care of needs
54. Eating to feel better Please comfort me
55. Food as consultation prize Food as reward
56. Head hunger? I'm so bored
57. Head hunger "insteads" People make me eat
58. Heart hunger? Grieve your progress
59. Heart hunger "insteads" When there isnít enough
60. Create a stop sign The gift of yourself

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~~ Triggers and word play ~ Days 61-70 ~ Manage emotions without food ~~
61.Food triggers Emotional box
62. Non-food triggers Revive my feelings
63. Buffers What do I feel?
64. Instant tools for triggers Courage to feel
65. Stimulus narrowing Showing emotions
66. Don't even start! Kicking kettles
67. Never say "I blew it" Let it go
68. I had a "pause" Guilt not an emotion
69. No cheating allowed Hurt feelings
70. No good or bad Eating instead of thinking

~~ Growing stronger ~ Days 71-80 ~ Overcome barriers and sabotage ~~
71. It's too hard Setback or failure
72. Eating in secret Renew your vision
73. All-or-nothing Manage special days
74. Watch for rainbows Itís not my fault
75. Small wins The people hook
76. Emotional Safety Stop sabotaging me
77. Healing power of rituals My sabotage toolbox
78. Ditch the critic Self-sabotage
79. Live as a heathy person Rebellion
80. Get a new title Too comfortable

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~~ Long-term success ~ Days 81-90 ~ Deal with emotional challenges ~~
81. Unhook the chains Problem or predicament
82. Last straw eating Whose problem is it?
83. No more deprivation No one takes care of me
84. Expectation square Body memories
85. Let it go! Dealing with grief
86. Minimize the damage Talk to the bear
87. Old Habits Allow a grace period
88. I do care! Junk in the backyard
89. At my Best! I'm so angry
90. Live as if Bitterness and resentment

~~ Put it into action ~ Days 91-100 ~ Create maintenance ~~
91. Obesity is a condition It's up to me
92. Accept the solution How not to maintain
93. 20-year plan How to eat right
94. 3-columns of weight loss Don't say these things
95. Set your intentions No Birthday Cake
96. What will it take? Pull yourself back-up
97. Use what works Music therapy
98. New Year's resolution Instant self-esteem
99. It's not in here Do the work
100. This is how I live Weight Loss Joy

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