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Some of this information I was unaware of. Thanks for sharing it.

Remember the Geese!!

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thanks for all the good info.

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Here is another article from that I thought I would share

Cooking With Dairy

* Article By: Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough

Dairy is an essential part of any diet, but it can pack on the POINTS® values. A cup of whole milk has 4 POINTS values. A cup of sour cream? 16 POINTS values. So what's the good news? Fat-free dairy can be substituted for full-fat in most recipes. And low-fat products can nearly always be used in place of their full-fat counterparts. Here's the skinny.

Fat-Free Milk

When to use it…

In baking. Substitute fat-free milk in cakes, cookies, muffins and brownies. It can also be substituted in most puddings and custards if you add a tablespoon of non-fat dry milk to every cup of milk. (The extra milk solids will add protein as well as body.)

When not to use it…

In desserts, such as flan, that you plan to unmold. While the texture of the dessert will be fine, it just won't hold its shape. Fat-free milk should also be avoided as a substitute for whole milk in gratins (i.e. potato).

Fat-Free Evaporated Milk

When to use it…

Richer tasting than fat-free milk because it's condensed, this is best used in recipes such as creamy soups that ordinarily get their richness from milk or cream. Use equal parts evaporated fat-free milk and regular fat-free milk in place of the milk or cream called for in any recipe.

When not to use it…

Since the protein content is high in evaporated milk, don't substitute it for regular milk in baking or your cakes will be very dense and not rise very high.

Fat-Free Cream Cheese

When to use it…

Low-fat cheesecakes usually require light cream cheese because fat-free cream cheese doesn't have the necessary firmness. But fat-free works well if it's first blended in the food processor with fat-free cottage cheese. Use equal parts of each to total the called-for volume or weight (i.e. if a recipe calls for 2 lbs. cream cheese, blend 1 lb. fat-free cream cheese with 1 lb. fat-free cottage cheese in the food processor), then proceed. Fat-free cream cheese can also be mixed with a sugar substitute and vanilla extract to make a filling for reduced-fat wafer cookies or low-fat graham crackers. Using an electric mixer, thin out this same mixture with fat-free milk and you have an easy frosting for angel food cake. You can also use it in savory cheese spreads and cold appetizers such as fat-free cream cheese spread on whole-wheat tortillas, topped with smoked salmon and cut into pinwheels.

When not to use it…

In baking, reduced-fat cream cheese is the way to go. Cheesecakes and cream cheese doughs especially need fat to work.

Fat-Free Mozzarella, Swiss and Cheddar Cheeses

When to use it…

The heat of the oven will dry out these cheeses without their melting or spreading very well. So, just tuck the cheeses under the toppings on pizza, inside the layers of a casserole, and inside a quesadilla or burrito. Here they'll melt because of the moisture inherent in the dish.

When not to use it…

If you absolutely must have your cheese melted on top of a dish, you'll need to use low-fat.

Fat-Free Yogurt

When to use it…

Substitute fat-free for full fat yogurt in any baking recipe. And fat-free yogurt thinned with a little fat-free milk makes a good substitution for buttermilk. But read the labels: Some fat-free yogurts are made with pectin or other thickeners. This is fine in cold preparations, but best avoided if you're heating the yogurt. Straining yogurt makes it dense and rich, perfect for stirring into cold soups or using in curry recipes. Line a sieve with paper towels or cheesecloth and place it over a bowl. Empty your yogurt into the sieve and set everything in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or up to 12 hours. The whey will drip out of the yogurt and leave behind a thick, rich cream suitable for many savory dishes.

When not to use it…

While fat-free yogurt is good in just about anything, when it comes to soups and sauces such as curries, low fat may be a better option if you don't want the sauce to become too thin. (Or, if you can take the time to strain fat-free yogurt, as mentioned above, the end result will also work well.)

Fat-Free Sour Cream

When to use it…

In any savory recipe that calls for regular sour cream like paprikash. But avoid overheating. Fat-free sour cream can curdle easily, breaking down and becoming watery. So stir it in at the very end of cooking.

When not to use it…

Avoid baking with fat-free sour cream; use low-fat instead for perfect results.

Light Butter or Margarine

When to use it…

Works well for sautéing, or in sauces, or in a cobbler topping.

When not to use it…

Because of these products' high water content, avoid using them in pie crusts, shortbread cookies or other recipes where the end result is meant to be tender and flaky or crumbly.

Fat-Free Mayonnaise

When to use it…

Substitute this in any uncooked recipe such as salad dressing.

When not to use it…

When mayonnaise is called for in baking, such as in a mayonnaise chocolate cake (without the fat, the chemistry just won't work). Also, when used as a coating for baked fish, fat-free mayonnaise will break, crack and dry out. These are times to use low-fat mayonnaise instead.

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