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NOTE: I am putting up a week long template since I have been asked for it – however I will be satisfied if you post once during the week – and update the whole week at once – OR if you blog on the trek at least the week.

This is only one way of recording your compliance with the challenge – there are many others – or you may use parts of my template – depending on you!!

Group ???

Oct 9th– Goal - ?? Challenge steps - ??? Extra Sightseeing Steps - ??
Description : of trek, what you saw, weather etc

Oct 10th - Goal = ?? Challenge steps - ??? Extra Sightseeing Steps - ??
Description : of trek, what you saw, weather etc

Oct 11th - Goal = ?? Challenge steps - ??? Extra Sightseeing Steps - ??
Description : of trek, what you saw, weather etc

Oct 12th- Goal = ?? Challenge steps - ??? Extra Sightseeing Steps - ??
Description : of trek, what you saw, weather etc

Oct 13th - Goal = ?? Challenge steps - ??? Extra Sightseeing Steps - ??
Description : of trek, what you saw, weather etc

Oct 14th - Goal = ?? Challenge steps - ??? Extra Sightseeing Steps - ??
Description : of trek, what you saw, weather etc

Oct 15th – Goal = ?? Challenge steps - ??? Extra Sightseeing Steps - ??
Description : of trek, what you saw, weather etc

Please tell me if you write a blog on the trek
When you have finished this week's trek - please claim your goodie!!
Thank you

Everyone smiles in the same language.

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NOTE: It seems to depend on how you count your steps – some of you count ALL steps in the day while others only count steps done as exercise rather than general “living” steps So – if you count ALL steps – then do Day 7 steps –but if you only count “exercise “ steps- you may rest on Day 7 Either way – Day 7 does not count towards goodies!!
However in Groups 2 and 3 ONLY Just to cause even more confusion what you could do – if you need to have a REST day on one day mid week – take it – but then you MUST use Day 7 steps as catch up !! As long as 6 days are recorded and you have posted a description of the trail you can claim a goodie
Group 1 – you have rest days anyway!!

To complete the Rocky Mountains Challenge Week 6, you will need to walk (regular or treadmill), chair march, run, or use a combo of all each day… whatever works best way for you

No matter what method you choose, you NEED TO COUNT YOUR STEPS. Remember, you don’t have to do the steps all at once, you can do them over the course of the day, but they MUST be done during that particular day. And you are allowed to catch up if you fall behind.

IMPORTANT: There is one rule to this challenge – you may NOT go ahead in the trail – no matter how many steps you take in the day, ONLY the stated, allowed number of steps are to count towards the challenge – extra steps should be recorded as well, but as sightseeing steps!!!

Since there are so many of us of various levels of ability and mobility, I have decided to have 4 groups of walkers. Please SELECT the GROUP that best suits your ability, but in making a selection, remember this should challenge your own ability.

GROUP 1 – limit to under 800 steps daily for the whole 8 weeks. Suitable for those who are just starting
GROUP 2 – Suitable for those who are more capable and have been either walking or chair marching for a time
GROUP 3 – Suitable for those who walk long distances in comfort
GROUP 4 - Suitable for Wheelchair/non-walking members ONLY
Every day this week – morning –
1 – Lift one leg – getting the foot as far off the ground as possible– first with knee bent –– then with the knee straight but relaxed (don’t lock it) as if you are kicking something –do each movement at least 10 times with each leg - repeat with other leg Try for at least 5 sets with each leg, with a rest between each set.
With left arm – Hold a 1 lb weight in your hand – use a can of food, a dumbbell or a bottle of water – start with hand by your left shoulder and push your hand forward until the arm is straight with elbow relaxed (do not lock the elbow) Repeat 10 times then repeat with right arm. Try for at least 5 sets with each arm, with a rest between sets
Every day this week – afternoon – Repeat the morning exercises

ALL GROUPS - Extra steps you do are to be logged as exploring or sightseeing

You do not have to be in the same group this week as last week – BUT . Do not change GROUPS during the week

NOTE: Once you have selected your group and you start the Challenge, you come to THIS thread and POST at least ONCE in the week . If you come more often please GO TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL COMMENT and EDIT your comment with the new information. Remember to:

3) TELL US HOW YOU ARE GETTING ON: what you saw on the way, whether you are getting to the camp sites, what you saw on the way, what you had for food, and whether you are enjoying the trek!!
NOTE:.You will only be eligible to claim a Goodie if you post at least once in the week and complete all your weekly steps!!
If you would prefer to write a blog on your Week 3 Trek adventures – please do so – BUT please let me know when you have done this so that I can read it

The map of the trail is available in the "Photo" section of the team (in the side bar on the right of the page under the huddle button - click on "photos" then look for the map for week 6)

Cow creek trailhead to Lost Lake and then on to Lake Louise

Lost Falls / Lost Lake (7.7 miles to the Falls, 9.7 to the Lake)
This is a beautiful hike through the rarely-used northeast corner of the park. To find the trailhead, take Devil's Gulch Road from the town of Estes Park (inquire locally if you have trouble finding it). Take the road through the tiny town of Glen Elder and then approximately two miles further north. A forest access sign will point you left down unpaved Dunraven Glen Road. There, a parking area on the left and trailhead on the right of the road will be your destination.
From here, it is a 4.4 mile hike just to reach the National Park boundary -- one reason the trail is overlooked by many. In August and September, look for fresh wild raspberries growing along the trail. Keep in mind that parts of the early trail occupy private land, so please stick to the trail. Three miles from the trailhead, you will reach Deserted Village, still outside the park. This was an early turn-of-the-century hunting resort for the wealthy. It floundered around 1909 and closed its doors for good in 1914, one year before the park was founded. One cabin still stands and the remnants of others are visible. Also, somewhere in this section of trail, the Scottish Lord Earl Dunraven supposedly buried a cache of whiskey one fall, with the intent to unearth it the following spring when he returned. The cache, however, was never found and possibly remains buried to this day. In the event of emergency, be aware that a patrol cabin exists 5.4 miles from the trailhead, about 200 yards or so to the left at the junction of the Boundary Trail.
Lost Falls, a four-stage cascade, lies just off the trail some 7.7 miles from the trailhead. The last time I hiked the trail, you couldn't actually see the falls from the trail. To get a vantage point, break left from the trail at the junction with the Mummy Peak trail and follow your ears to the water. Lost Lake lies another two miles up the trail. There are seven campsites to select from along this trail--a high number considering the relatively low use of this area of the park. I recommend Sugar Loaf or Lost Meadows. Check at the Visitor's Center for campground regulations...stoves-only are the rule at some backcountry campsites.

Day 1 (Group 1 - 400 steps Group 2 – 1800 steps Group 3- 5000 steps)

We assemble at the Cow Creak Trailhead and trek along a well defined but very quiet path that wanders in and out of the National park – until we reach our camp site that has been set up for us on the banks of a lovely crystal clear, very chilly creek
picture for your interest
That evening some of our group go fishing for Trout!!

Day 2 – (Group 1 - 650 steps Group 2 – 3500 steps Group 3 – 8000 steps)
We continue trekking along the track – picking a few wild raspberries as we go and enjoying to peace and quiet and beautiful bird song. Tonight our campsite is on the banks of the Big Thompson River

Day 3 (Group 1 – Rest Group 2 – 1600 steps Group 3 - 7500 Steps)
Today we follow the Big Thompson River – enjoying being on smooth walking and seeing the changes that we get between the mountains where we have been for the last few weeks and the River Flats where we are now.
Tonight we will camp right on the park boundary on the Big Thompson River at Lost Falls!!

Day 4 (Group 1 - 650 steps Group 2 – 3500 steps Group 3 – 8000 steps)
Today we will stay at this camp site to give some of the group a rest while the others go exploring the forks of the river and falls

photo for your interest

Day 5 (Group 1 - 550 steps Group 2 – 3000 steps Group 3 – 6500 steps)
The trek today takes us to Lost Lake, following the Big Thompson River – until it opens out to this beautiful lake. It is so quiet and peaceful one wonders if any other human has been here before!! –
Tonight we will camp at Lost Lake

- photo for your interest

Day 6 (Group 1 - 550 steps Group 2 – 3000 steps Group 3 – 6500 steps)
Early this morning we head off to Lake Husted for lunch and then onto Lake Louise – where we will spend the last night of this week

Day 7 Group 1 – REST Group 2- 3000 steps Group 3 – 6000 steps
Some of the Group rest while others go exploring and find yet another hidden lake – Lake Dunravin, before our transport picks up to take us to the starting place for week 7 trek
Everyone is starting to realise that we will be leaving this area not so long in the future!! However we have 2 more weeks adventures to go before that!!

Photo for your interest

Remember to claim your goodie from me if you finish this weeks trek!!

Everyone smiles in the same language.

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