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9/14/16 7:48 P

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I have problems with heat and I'm the only one, too. Mine is partly menopause. It also happens when my sugar is out of range. I get cold when it's low and hot when it's high. I take evening primrose oil and it helps stabilize the heat. check with your doctor before adding this in case it interferes with your medication. Good luck

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9/14/16 7:21 A

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well heat is brother and a problem. i can not stand heat and cold . My poor hubby thinks at times i am nuts . He is fine and i am saying its to hot in here . just open a window or like a long ago president said if you can not stand the heat get out of the kitchen . Truman said it but it is so true . it is within your body and not a pill problem . i wonder if the thyroid is part of the trouble but i am no doctor

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9/13/16 8:01 P

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I cannot say that happened to me. Hope you find a solution!

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9/13/16 7:52 P

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Do any of you have trouble with heat intolerance? Sometimes, when my family is cooking dinner on several different burners, the kitchen gets so hot and stuffy that I can't stand it. Nobody else seems to mind it. I feel hot and uncomfortable, like I'm about to start sweating. Even worse, I feel like I'm not breathing easily, like I'm on the verge of hyperventilating. Also, I get very angry. I feel like I want to shout at people. I imagine it's like the feeling of being trapped in a hot closet.

My doctor insists that no meds I'm taking can cause this, but I never had this happen before I started taking diabetes medication. If any of you get this, what do you do?

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