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11/28/16 10:49 A

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this is what I was told.. if your sugars drop below 70, you want to eat/drink 15 fast carbs to raise it .

here is what happened to me at meter class (the very day I got my meter)

test 1: BG 59
dietitian says, oh that can't be right, do it again (she watches me)
test 2 BG 56

dietitian, ran an grabbed me a small (7oz) coke (15 carbs)
wait a few mins, test again
test 3 was 60s

she then grabbed me some ritz crackers with cheese it (mini ones) (remember 15 carbs)
wait a few mins

test 4 , just above 70 ...whew

** this particular day, I have had to symptoms at all, but some times I do, I get real shaky
but its 1 quick snack that is 15 carbs , and check again

not a whole meal .. and be sure to actually check, cuz there have been times, I thought, i might be dropping and was above 100 (maybe I was just tired)

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8/29/16 6:10 P

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Had she checked her bblood sugar to see if it was low, or was she just believing it was low? I know there are various things that can be used to raise the blood sugar back if it is low. My neighbor's doctors told him to drink Coke when he is low. I think it should depend on what the doctor says to use (though I can see that might be hard for you to convince your mother of).

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8/29/16 1:19 P

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just google diabetes and soda. But don't expect your Mom to believe it. **SIGH** That is one tough nut to crack if someone doesn't want to believe correct information. **SIGH** Good luck.

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8/29/16 1:01 P

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Back story:

I am trying to loose weight. I'm the only non diabetic in my house. My husband, my mom and even our dog is diabetic. I'm trying very hard to kick my nasty pepsi habit to the curb. I know soda is bad for me. I have an idea of what it does to a persons body. I'm at the point now where I drink powdered drink mixes and frozen/bottled juice (yes I know, watch the sugar in those!) and water.

My husband, dog, I and my mom live together. I'm her home care aid/caregiver.

For years now I have made the mistake of assuming Diabetes 101 was/is regular soda is BAD. VERY BAD. Do not drink. DO NOT PASS GO., nope and NOPE. Due to the high sugar content and carbs in it.

My mom, who is in her early 60s with uncontrolled diabetes and has had her fair share of diabetes education over the years, She keeps saying she wants to eat healthy, loose weight (she's at 290 pounds I think?) and "doesn't eat much" and "I take my shots." Yet her blood sugar readings are usually either in the 150-200 range, same days around 300.

Her diet consists of frozen burritos with salsa, bologna sandwiches, potato chips, candy/cookies to raise her blood sugar up when it's ready to crash, will go from dinner time the night before (usually between 6-7pm) until 11 am or much later THE NEXT DAY before she decides to eat. She blames not being able to eat on everything from "I'm not hungry, why should I eat?" to "My GERD won't let me eat, tummy troubles." she also drinks 12-24 ounces of regular coca cola every day. She goes through a 12 pack of coke every 10-12 days.

She has a hard time believing me when I tell her the reason your GERD is kicking your arse right now is because your blood sugar is too high/too low and you need to eat something. Toast, crackers. Something. And she'll come back and say "But I took my shots! Let me take another pill for my stomach and see if that helps." She doesn't understand that her blood sugar being too high/too low/uncontrolled can affect how bad her GERD symptoms are that day.

Last night our conversation went like this:

My mom: My sugar is low. I ate a chili dog and drank a coke.
Me: You know coke is bad right?
My mom: I needed to get my blood sugar up fast.
Me: Soda will bring your blood sugar up but 2 hours later it will make you crash worse than you were before you drank it.
My mom: I didn't know that.
Me: After all those diabetic education classes you've been to over the years, you didn't know? (me trying not to ask her how frickin stupid are you?)
My mom: No I didn't. Remember when I worked for the state and you always brought me a coke?
Me: That was before your blood sugars averaged 250
My mom: And this is why I don't like telling you stuff!! (as I walk off in a huff)

Where online can I find information to show her I'm right about the soda making her blood sugars crash worse than it was before she drank the soda? And that her unhealthy eating habits affect her GERD symptoms?

I know it does, I just don't know how to "prove it" to someone, let alone her so to speak.

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