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7/8/15 10:07 A

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I like the magazine "Diabetes Self Management." You can read a lot of the articles online. I think I've found that the most helpful of the many resources that are out there online.

I wish you well with managing your diabetes. I did a lot of reading (and still do), and am in the process of distilling all the information into a plan that works for me. I'm still fairly new to this whole thing (diagnosed in December). There's quite a bit of conflicting information out there, which can be difficult to deal with. But luckily we do have a way of seeing first-hand how different ways of eating and ways of doing things affect our blood sugar. I'm with those who say, "Test, test, test!"



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7/7/15 11:11 P

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Thank you, everyone, for all this helpful information. You have reassured me immeasurably. Yes, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but I will take all of your advice, distill it into a list, fall in love with eggs for breakfast, and schedule an appointment with the nutritionist. And write everything down that I eat.

Blame the high fasting blood sugar on late night ice cream. Now I know I only need to resist when I'm at the grocery store. If I don't bring it home, I won't eat it!

Does anyone follow a blog re diabetes that they find helpful???

Thank you again.

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7/7/15 10:15 P

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My doctor wants me on grain-free, sugar-free, starch-free as much as possible. Was doing fine for a while, but having trouble now. I WILL get back to that.

I have read recently that if you eat an apple before bed it will often lower the FBS. I haven't tried it, but a few people on that thread had. Also the protein snack before bed I have read will help.

For breakfast I usually stick to protein. I will fix an omelet or eat leftover meat or something like that.

NorasPat, I'm glad you said that about the FBS going up a bit if you don't check it right away. Mine has always been 120 when I am being good with not eating a lot of carbs, but it takes me a while after I get up before I would check it. That was even with an A1c in the 5 to below 7 area. Couldn't figure that out.

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7/7/15 9:16 P

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I was told that I should get out of bed-Wash my hands and test right away. I like to be between 90 to 100.
I was told if you get up and forget to do it right away my blood sugar goes up but not over 120.
I have my family living with us and DH and I had routines. Mine is messed up. When I let the dogs out or talk to a family member my FBS is high. The days I do my FBS IMMEDIATELY it is usually 95 to 99.

Has your Dr done an A1c or a glucose tolerance test. I asked for them and that was at the beginning. Take care. A dietitian is what you need. If you have been diagnosed you should be able to ask as many questions that you want to ask. We have to be educated for our specific problem so a Diabetic educator is best. I went to classes for 6 weeks. with others in the class everyone asks questions and you learn a lot that way. Pat in Maine.

Pat in Maine.
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I will do it slowly I like it that way.
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7/7/15 9:13 P

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In the work-on-the-fasting-sugar camp too. You have gotten fabulous advice. Journaling and testing, testing, testing helped me tremendously. I had to make up my mind too that exercise was a MUST.

It works. And BTW,

You might run this past your Dr. too. If you're not on meds at the moment, it might help.

Grains . . . . I have problems with them too.

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7/7/15 5:51 P

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Invokana SAVED my fasting sugars. Nothing I did had ANY effect on my morning fasting sugars, and I tried it all short of insulin.

Endo prescribed Invokana - 2 tiny pills a day and excess sugar is flushed (literally) from my system.

Good luck - fasting sugars can be a bear to deal with!

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7/7/15 4:39 P

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Add me to the list of people that can't have cereal. Whole grains like that raise my number for sometimes as long as 18-20 hours.

Eggs is also my go-to breakfast, either scrambled in the microwave with a bit of coconut oil or hard boiled.

I imagine you are feeling overwhelmed and lost right about now. They tell you this diagnosis, and think you just automatically know what to do...and finding a "beginners guide" to diabetes??? I never found one!

I agree that getting that 12-hour fasting number down is a primary concern. My personal goal is 85-99. I do a 12-hour fast every night. Almost every night...sometimes I must have a bedtime bite, so then my fast is more like 9-10 hours.

Have they started you on medication?

With a number that high I'm surprised they only have you testing once a day. Speaking only for myself, what I did in the beginning was test right before every meal, which was also 2 hours since I last ate. I did this and kept a food diary for several weeks tracking what made my BS high, and when was it....not so high.

An appt with a good nutritionist that UNDERSTAND DIABETES AND LOW CARB EATING is a very valuable tool, but like most other professionals, they are only as good as their training. But you need some support and guidance!

Did anyone give you any kind of sample diet plan?

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7/7/15 3:39 P

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First of all, I would start by working on that fasting number. 175 is too high.

So what time do you eat your dinner the night before? Is your supper carb light or carb heavy? Do you have a snack before you go to bed?

Everything relates to everything else. If you eat at 5 pm and then don't eat anything else for the rest of the night, you could be experiencing the dawn effect. That means your sugars actually go low during the night and the liver pumps out glucose to bring it up.

If you are eating a carby snack before you go to bed, you could again be experiencing the same dawn effect.

May I suggest you take some time and test before you go to bed (and before you snack) to see where you are starting from. If you numbers are low, you need that snack, but make sure you have a protein with any carbs. A good snack could be celery and peanut butter, or an apple and peanut butter or a piece of cheese. Check spark articles; there is a list of choices you could have that makes for great snacks. Just remember, these are snacks and not full meals.

Next, keep a journal. Write down what you eat and the times you eat it, and what exercise you do. And just as important, what your testing results are. This journal will be very helpful when you go for your next visit to your doctor, or to a Diabetes Educator or a Diabetes Nutritionist. (By the way, has your doctor referred you to either a DE or DN?)

Once you know WHY your fasting blood sugars are so high, you can work to get them under control, then you can work on what to eat for breakfast that will not cause spikes. You may find that simply by keeping fasting numbers low, that breakfast may not seem so bad after all but it must all be taken into consideration....

Finally, you do not mention if you are on meds. Some people can try to control by diet and exercise alone, others are on oral meds. Still others are on insulin. We are all different and there is no one solution that works for everyone. However, there is one truth, and that is

test, Test, TEST.

Good luck, and please keep posting how you are doing.....


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7/7/15 2:31 P

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While I have a pretty high tolerance for a wide variety of carbs, I have yet to find any cereal that will not take me way outside my target range. Eggs are a goto breakfast for me, mostly in the form of an omelet.

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7/7/15 2:26 P

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Hello. I'm new to the group. My big concern is what to eat for breakfast and snack. This morning, my fasting blood sugar was 175, so I took a 30 minute walk and ate cereal (low carb) with nuts. 2 hours later my blood check was 190. Usually I only test once a day fasting.

So advice? Thank you so much! emoticon

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