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5/22/12 12:44 P

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My aunt insists that Amitriptyline is the best thing ever invented, she has fibro, and she is the busiest person I've ever met! LOL Me?

It started out great, I took it only at bedtime and slept 7 hours through the first week or so at night... and then I slept 8. Then 10. Then twelve. My doctor lowered the dose, but I started sleeping between 16 and 18 hours a day... and my husband couldn't wake me. He got pretty worried... Not a good thing either-- I found out a few years later that I have sleep apnea. I quit breathing every 2 minutes or so! Could have been a real mess... I'm lucky, The doc discontinued it.

I never heard of it being prescribed for neuropathy issues, but it IS a kind of "old school" medication, not much prescribed anymore since there are newer drugs with supposedly fewer side effects. Mine was prescribed for fibromyalgia...

I'm having more trouble myself with the neuropathy, but it's primarily in my hands... I'm seeing my neurologist again on the 30th... I guess I'll have to wait and see what he has to say. I've been avoiding additional meds as much as I can... I have such a hard time with the side effects!...

Let us know how it works out for you, ok?
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5/20/12 1:30 P

dr gave the ok and i use the alpha lipoic acid and water exercsie too, not so much to cure but to slow down progression if at all possible... i haven't tried any of the pharmaceuticals yet, and the tingling/numbness scares/concerns me for sure...

i understand the alpha lipoic acid may help for both nerve health and blood sugar control... (as explained in Diabetes without Drugs by Susie Cohen)

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5/19/12 8:31 P

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1. With ANY med, do your research.

2. I would definitely talk w/the Dr. re: substitutions for Elavil.

3. I use the Alpha-Lipoic Acid twice/day as well.

Good luck!

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5/19/12 1:01 P

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I used it and after a very few days i could not urinate. I was panic stricken. I had to go to the Dr's office to be catheterised. I was told to learn to do it myself. I found a urologist and she prescribed FLOMAX and then I was doing better. The Dr wanted to change to Nortriptaline but I refused to do it. I had a lot of numbness from having a back surgery. Then i got in to more swimming and exercise and i am doing better years later.
Take notes of what your side effects are so you have it written down. Pat in Maine.

Pat in Maine.
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I will do it slowly I like it that way.
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5/19/12 12:21 P

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MYRTROSE----Since your symptoms are not severe, why not try Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg. twice a day. They are a supplement. My doctor approved them and I've been taking them for 3 years. I order the 600 mg pills from GNC and cut them in half. I find that that and a low carb diet helps immensely.

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5/19/12 12:13 P

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My doctors have treated my problems of tingling and numbness with the fibromialgia Has any one ever had the skin on the bottom of the foot turn very leathery? I shower every morning and lotion up at least 2X a day if not more....I am going to the Dr. again....I have never heard of Elavil
I am on Lyrica and
vicadin it helps most of the time.....Nights are the worst as the orthos wear me out.... Have to change shoes at least 3 times a day Oh well

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5/19/12 12:00 P

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Whenever I am prescribed a new medication, the first thing I do is research it. I don't have this problem, but I did a little research and found the same symptoms listed. Also, this is an older medication prescribed for this problem. Several other meds were mentioned that don't have these side effects. I would def ask my doctor if she could prescribe something else. It never hurts to ask, and let her know your concerns. Good luck.


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5/19/12 11:43 A

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At my last check up I told my doctor I was having a little numbness and tingling at the tips of a couple toes. She prescribed Elavil ( I take the generic, Amitriptyline) and said it would help.
I did a little research and saw that this is a tricyclic antidepressant that is sometimes used to treat fibromyalgia. I didn't see much use of it in diabetics.
My symptoms are very mild and I don't want to take this medicine if it's not worth it because the side effects are very strong (extreme drowsiness and hunger).
Anyone else on this medicine? Will it keep the neuropathy from becoming painful? Will the hunger and sleepiness go away?

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