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5/17/11 7:00 P

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Just listen to your body if you have an injury. If in pain stop! But other parts of your body are strong so don't ignore them. I was just at a Physical Therapist and he did heat at the injured area, then strtches then the exercises.. He didn't want me to baby myself and wanted me to get stronger in the injured area. Be careful and take care of yourself by stretching before exercising. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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5/17/11 1:24 P

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My only suggestion would be to go see the DR and make sure you understand what the injury is and how to best take care of yourself. It would not be worth it in the long run if you do some permanent damage

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5/17/11 12:49 P

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Week three day 7 video and most cardio done. I walk 30 minutes at least everyday, so I still have to do that and get my veggie eaten up.
Since I am limited by my doctor in my exercise, I usually do the modified. Many of these are like the exercises my physical therapist taught me two decades ago. While checking out SP, to spread the Spark (my doctors wanted more info on what this program is) I found both the note to the doctor and the flyers. I am taking that with me to the doctors tomorrow, the note on what I am doing for his records and the flyers for his office and staff. I am also making a copy of last months and this months calendar to give him, so he will have a more accurate idea of my eating and exercise etc. Since I have to go once a month, I think I will make this a practise, if he agrees with me. It is not only more accurate but it explains it better. This way he can approve or disapprove or change.

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5/17/11 11:34 A

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I started this in January and was really into working out on a daily basis and gasp! looking forward to my workouts. In the middle of February my right ankle swelled up and was very painful to bend forwards and backwards (think driving pressure) I took a couple of days off and iced it and the swelling and pain went down. A couple of weeks later it was my left ankles turn, however I persisted with high intensity cardio, to the point where one morning I just couldn't work out in fact I could not walk. A trip that day to the doctors showed that I had'nt twisted it but that I severely over proneate( turn in my ankles) a foot doctor later told me that my foot muscles were very strong and have been compensating but could not hold up to the high intensity cardio. He also told me that it was a good thing that I did not ignore, as I could have done lasting damage to my feet, ankles and knees!
During week one of this challenge I pulled a chest muscle(owwwwww it hurts to breathe, laugh, sneeze...) I just started working out again, lightly. The first twinge in my chest has me slowing right down, I almost look as if Im doing Tai Chi. The long long point to this is, go see your doctor and make sure all is right and if its a pulled muscle then REST it, the challenge will still be here. Take up walking while you are waiting to be able to fully exercise again also the doctor should be able to give you streching exercises to help alleviate some of the discomfort while you are healing

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5/17/11 10:54 A

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Last week, I overdid also with some upper body/shoulder workouts and I got a severe pain in my upper back and neck area. I had this same thing about a year ago, doing practically the same thing. I think that I either didn't warm up enough or else overdid. The pain was bad for about two days; could barely turn my head and couldn't lift anything without pain. Did icy-hot and anti-inflamatory over the counter med. By day three, was getting better. I didn't do any upper body stuff, just eliptical and some lower body stuff. I can barely feel the pain now, so may start again tomorrow with upper body, but will start gradually and work up.

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5/17/11 10:07 A

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I don't really have any suggestions for going on with an injury--several years ago, I tried to keep going even though my legs really hurt, and I found out later I gave myself stress fractures because I hadn't let myself quit. In the end, I went through months of pain even walking--you can bet that put an end to my workouts for a long time.

An injury's a serious thing, and you have to take care of your body before it can take care of you. I'd suggest laying off a little while--especially where the upper body workouts are concerned. See a doctor if the pain doesn't go away. You don't want to have to live with that, and you don't want to cause any further injury. You can always start the challenge again later. It's not quitting if your body gets hurt.

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5/17/11 9:41 A

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Hi Folks, Hope everyone is enjoying the bootcamp as much as I am!!! I find it has really given me a purpose and a drive, I even woke up early on the weekend to make sure I got a workout in before I went to work! Any other time I would have just slept in!

Anyways, I'm on week 3 and now have an injury. My back shoulder blade area was very tight for a few days and I thought I slept wrong on it, it may be a pinched nerve b/c it seems to happen a lot. Now the front of my left shoulder is really hurting near the rotator cuff. I can barely pick up my arm to get dressed and it hurts to put any weight on it or move it. With the arms video coming up and higher intensity cardio this week does anyone have ideas as far as working out with this injury? i dont want to take off b/c I'm really excited about this challenge and want to finish. I've applied ICy Hot and taken advil but the pain does not go away. :(

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much and keep up the great work everyone!

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