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7/21/15 7:00 A

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Not sure what "you can joor!" means!

I think many times a couple's inner beauty is what keeps them attracted to one another. Granted outer beauty is important to a point, it is what attracts a couple to one another initially. My SO was attracted to my red hair, green eyes and style of dress but if I wasn't interested in sports, intelligent, introverted, kind and calm the attraction wouldn't last for him. For me, if he wasn't interested in sports, strong, extroverted, intelligent, a good listener, funny, handsome, clean...then I don't think we would have been more than friends. Sharing the same values & morality is pretty key as well.

I think the SO was attracted to me because of my un-PC views on living and how I conduct my life in many areas. He is committed to going to church every week and I attend at least once a month but I am agnostic about "religion" for the most part. We look at The Higher Power in the same manner though and many of the bible's thoughts, ideas and rules are very intelligent so we follow them in our lives and family! We are committed to one another because of our inner and outer beauty, it goes hand in hand for us~

Kayah, Nevada
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"A person has to draw a line inside themselves...that she won't allow any person on earth to cross."-Bill Russell

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5/13/15 1:24 P

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Your BEAUTY can attract a man towards you, but your WISDOM & INNER BEAUTY( character,virtue and fear of God) will make him glued to you!
Little wonder you see some people you categorize as been "too fat,ugly etc settle down with "guys you will die to have".
Bottom line: it's not just about standing in front of the mirror for one hour that matters most, but building of your inner beauty!
If you stand one hour in the front of the mirror,spend 2 or 3 hours working on your inner beauty!
In as much as it's necessary to look good;(yes oh, you must look good)but it's highly important to look best on the inside too.
Who says you can't have the two(Inner and outer beauty)? You can joor!

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