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11/1/13 6:12 A

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I actually sought this one out a few years ago. It is as terrible as one could hope for if you want a sub-B movie night with friends. It's best to plan for a MST3K party... You're going to have one anyway when watching this. :-)


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10/28/13 3:58 A

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Zombie sheep... I'm sold. emoticon

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10/26/13 8:27 A

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LOL. Thanks for the heads up FFK. The title however made me think of David Spade and Chris Farley!


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10/25/13 4:31 P

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Watch this movie!


Or at least not while sober.

Coming to us from almost Down Under the film Black Sheep (from 2006 or 2007 depending on your source) was made in New Zealand. Which is about its only redeeming feature...great landscapes.

Our story opens with father and son (and dog) herding the sheep while zooming about on 4 wheelers. Dad is training his son Henry, who is clearly the golden haired child (literally). Then we see the older dark haired son (the "black sheep" of the sons perhaps; although I could be giving the film too much credit for depth) watching and unhappy...and he limps away with ax in hand, muttering about a pet sheep.

There is apparently some pretty serious sibling jealousy present. The next scene with the sheep turns out later to be a bit ironic given Angus' predilections as an adult.

Angus, the older son, is wearing a walking cast or boot, but as this is never mentioned in the film we don't know why it was included.

After sheep herding duties are done Henry goes looking for his pet sheep and suffers a traumatizing event at the hands of Angus. In the midst of the hazing the boys are interrupted by the elderly housekeeper with the news that "there's been an accident". The boys' father has died.

Fast forward a number of years. Henry is now all grown up and having a panic attack in the back of a taxi stuck on the road surrounded by sheep. Henry has a phobia about sheep for which he is STILL in therapy. It turns out he is headed back to the family sheep farm, now run by Angus, to sell his share of the farm.

At the farm Angus is preparing for a press conference. At the same time two bumbling environmentalists, Grant (really tall & creepy looking) and the pretty blond girl named "Experience" (wtf ?) are sneaking about looking for evidence of wrong-doing. Grant steals a container of bio-waste, the scientists give chase, Grant trips and the container smashes...unleashing the horror.

I'm not going to give away the rest of the plot, because there really isn't that much plot left. It is your standard mad scientist creates virus that causes zombies and the hero has to save the day and win the girl. Plus some serious kink allusions (memorable quote: "Take me again my lovelies" or something to that affect).

Which would have been OK; kind of predictable but even non-zombie movies follow that line.

Except our zombies are...sheep. Which know where to bite a man.

Sheep which suddenly develop carnivore teeth, a tackle not often seen outside the NFL and the ability to drive.

Even worse, the bite of a zombie sheep doesn't turn you into a become a zombie were-sheep! Which the real zombie sheep apparently consider a real turn on (note to self...if ever bitten by a zombie sheep do not attempt to crawl through the herd wearing a sheepskin seat cover).

As if becoming a zombie isn't bad enough you have to turn into a 7 foot tall slavering sheep first (and apparently shrink later to become indistinguishable from the real zombie sheep).

Seriously, this movie has it all! Pasty faced female mad scientist, Angus' different take on animal "husbandry", rocky mountain oysters, pits of decaying flesh and aromatherapy can't go wrong!

Well, at least you can't if you are well fortified with something alcoholic so you don't remember it in the morning. Unfortunately I was sober so am scarred for life.

You can watch on YouTube, the link to the first part is below; I was not able to find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It is loaded in 5 parts, but part 4 seems to be mislabeled and is really part 1. However the missing 15 minutes really isn't a big loss and is hardly noticeable.

Enjoy! emoticon

This movie was actually on my short list of ones to find and watch specifically for this review. As I was searching for it Julie also posted a review on her non-SP blog and I almost decided to choose something else as a result. I wish I had, but at the time I figured a zombie movie was needed for Team Zombie and no one had ever mentioned this one before. Now I know why. emoticon

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