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The good thing about herbs is that many were grown in cottage gardens long before modern, larger versions of some vegetables were developed. Since most plants contain at least some Vitamin C and potassium, not too mention other phytochemicals, they were a great source of nutrients aside from specific therapeutic properties that they have.

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Great information!

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30 Medicinal Herbs and Common Uses

I have two of the herbs mentioned in this list hawthorn everyday in one of my supplementsCARDIO FX and white willow bark in my supplement JOINT FX some of the other herbs are in my health shakes / smoothies

Here's some more information on herbs for anyone who is just starting out with them:

What Are Herbs?

Herbs are truly a gift from nature. They are very versatile and can be used as food, medicine and health supplements. Websterís dictionary describes a herb as a plant with a fleshy stem. While this is true, herbalist also consider the following as herbs.

Tree and vine Bark
Flower pollen collected by Bees
Berries or Fruit
Plant oil and resin
Seeds and nuts and their husks or shells
Some types of foods such as garlic
Herbs have been used since the beginning of human history as a food source and to cure specific aliments, increase strength and endurance and to improve overall health. Ancient people gathered local herbs for food and discovered that each herb also possessed specific healing properties.

For example: Ginseng was found to increase physical and mental strength and endurance. Reshie mushroom was found to calm the mind and spirit and so on.

There are several major healing systems that use herbs for their medicinal properties. Ayurvedic Formulas from India, Traditional Chinese medicine from China and Native American remedies from The United States Of America.

Each culture independently discovered the herbs in there area that were beneficial to health and could treat specific health conditions. They built their healing herbs list over centuries of trial and error. An example would be a herb for increased energy from China would be ginseng. In Peru, they used maca root. In the United States they consumed bee pollen. And in India they used ashwagandha. Now, with the speed of the internet, we can learn about and buy any herb from any one of these powerful healing systems.

Why Take Herbs?

If you want to dramatically improve all aspect of your health, herbs and herbal supplements can help. Herbs are a natural means of preventing and curing many types of ailments and diseases. About 25% of prescription medicine has at least one herbal component in it. These are most often potent herbal extracts. An example would be aspirin, that was first created from white willow bark.

Itís important to remember that herbs are not medicine. They are food. A very high quality food that contains a highly assimilable form of vitamins, minerals and elements that balance the body in a beneficial manner. This fact makes herbs generally much safer to take that prescription drugs.

It seems that every day modern medicine is telling us to take more prescription drugs. Yes, thereís a drug for everything. While some drugs are very useful and do save lives, there is a limit to how many of these the body can withstand. I believe that taking herbs whenever possible is the better and more healthy way to go. There are many herbs that work as well or better than prescription medicine for certain conditions. An example would be taking ginger rather than Dramamine. In scientific tests, ginger was found to be more effective in preventing motion sickness.

What Are The Side Effects Of Herbs?

Since herbs are food, there are generally no dangerous side effects of using them in there natural state. If they are herbal extracts, they are more potent then the raw herb and should be taken in smaller doses to get the desired effects. Some herbs have a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the body and can cause diarrhea and nausea if taken in large quantity. Donít worry. Itís good to cleanse the body of toxins. Just start off slowly and youíll get the best long term results.

How Soon Will I Experience The Health Benefits Of Taking Herbs?

This is impossible to say. Everyone is different and in a different state of health when they start taking herbs. If youíre very ill, they may take a while longer to bring about the desired results than if you were already healthy when you started taking the herbs.

When Is The Best Time To Take Herbs?

Since herbs are food and not medicine, you can take them any time you want. Of course you wouldnít want to take an energizing herb like ginseng right at bedtime or sedative herbs first thing in the morning. You can decide for yourself if you prefer to take herbs with or without a meal. Do what works best for you. Some herbs work better on an empty stomach. Youíll have to read the label on the supplement bottle to see what is the recommended way of taking them.

Safety Precautions

No matter what it is weíre doing, itís always best to play it safe. Never take herbs or any health supplement without first talking it over with your doctor. Especially if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication or are suffering from a disease or illness. Never give a child any herb or health supplement without first talking to your childís doctor. Even though herbs are all natural and usually safe when taken in moderation, itís better to be safe than sorry.

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