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9/21/15 6:51 A

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Oh yes, that sounds familiar! I have completed my first round of CLX (starting the 2nd one today) and during the Push Phase I could not stop eating! However, I did not crave "bad" foods, which was the upside.

Do not starve yourself! Your muscles need good fuel. Only if you eat enough will your muscles grow. If you starve yourself the muscles will simply not grow at all because our body considers muscle a luxury, not a necessity. This is why you lose muscle first if you are not eating enough.
Did you know that a bodybuilder eats up to 4,000 calories a day? OK, we're not there yet but just to give you an idea...

So dig in, but mind the food you put into your body. Use complex carbohydrates and lean protein with good fats.

Last but not least, rest assured that in the Lean Phase this hunger will subside.

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7/30/11 6:12 A

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Yep, I'm STARVING!!! I wake up hungry and it just stays with me all day. I really crave nuts and peanut butter the most but I struggle to not just stuff my face all day long. I guess the upside, my upper body is really getting quite ripped emoticon ,but really I feel like such a pig! So glad it's not just me...


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7/30/11 12:27 A

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I have done Push Circuit 1 twice now and the very next day I eat non-stop, all day! It happened 2 weeks in a row and today I plowed my way through 2x my calorie budget! I just couldn't stop eating.


I had heard that your appetite can increase after a heavy workout, but I had never experienced it before. I don't know how to curb it, but perhaps I should just clean all the bad foods out of the house before next week and try to eat only fruit and veg for my post-Push Pig-Out...

(not that I shouldn't be eating my greens everyday emoticon )

Anyone else notice any difference in their appetites or eating habits after their workout? How do you deal with it?

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