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4/26/11 10:20 A

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As messed up as that is, I'm even sadder to say I've ALWAYS felt that way-- even before I got fat.I'm 6ft tall and have always been taller and heavier than my shorter friends. Now my troupies are all voluptuous as well. One hourglass, one pear, and me... the apple.

They bear bellies but I'm just not there yet emotionally. It's all about love-handles for me. I don't care about the belly as much because belly dancing welcomes that. Unfortunately, people like your teaching partner do a fine job of brainwashing. I wish everyone thought like belly dancers.

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4/18/11 7:44 A

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*mournful face* Unfortunately, this is a common attitude, even coming from people who are also not "thin".

I have heard these reactions before, and been subjected to them on very few (thank the goddess) occasions. I agree with what you said about the dance itself. The "true dancers" lose themselves in the dance, becoming absorbed in the sway, the bells, the fiery lights, and the beat that seems to pound through every pore of the body. Some of the people who watch us dance will also feel it, get caught up, and the distorted image of what beauty "should" be is swept away by primal joy. But there are others who can't move their minds past the shallowness of what they've been taught is beautiful.

I think your costumes sound lovely and I bet your dance was amazing. Keep swaying!!!

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2/1/11 3:18 P

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My troupe just had a fundraiser for our troupe leader to go train with Carolina at Tribal Village. I feel so confident exposing my stomach and so do my dance sisters. We are all on the volumptious side.Well, I invited teachers to see my performance (I'm a 4th grade teacher). I thought "why not". Maybe they will feel the sisterhood and see the beauty in the dance. Well, my teaching partner told me the next day, "There were some people in your troupe that I wouldn't be exposing my stomach if I were them". I was shocked and saddened. I guess being around belly dancers shelters me from that kind of beauty distortion. She was so scared that her daughter would say something out loud about how "fat" we were. Her five year old never did say anything and actually couldn't stop talking about the night. So, who actually had the problem? My teaching partner is very overweight and weighs more than the dancers that were dancing.

I get lost in the dance while dancing and while watching it. It brings me so much happiness and sometimes makes me cry. What is everyone elses opinion on this and have you ever had this experience? My troupe dresses in 25 yard skirts, cholies, and tassel belts.

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