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4/29/11 10:46 A

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I thought this was kind of interesting, though probably only worthwhile in a big city:

Apple exploring fitness training & sales iPhone app with social elements

:: Dennis ::

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4/16/11 12:03 P

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"I still wish that gadget where you attach electrodes to stimulate your muscles while you watch Desperate Housewives actually worked."

ROFL! Me too... Can you just see us all wired up with electrodes, being couch potatoes in front of the tube, with our bellies jiggling as the gadget fired off the jolts? OMG, what a picture!


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- Jame
4/16/11 5:05 A

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I love gadgets and apps but strangely don't feel the need for the latest a d greatest. If something's working (like my VCR and old box TV) I'm quite happy. I only recently upgraded to an iPod Touch 4 after my trusty little Palm Zire finally wheezed it's last spark. My old PC suicided soon after and I got a new one with a flat screen monitor.

When I exercise I use my little gym at work where I can play music CD's. I set up my little DVD player to play my P90 workouts. (I also have P90X waiting in the wings - and the gym has a pull-up bar but right now I'm too weak to pull up my socks).

I bought Hip Hop Abs which is crap. But I also have a bunch of yoga tapes and DVD's which are good. I'm not sure how useful exercise apps on my iPod would be.

I still wish that gadget where you attach electrodes to stimulate your muscles while you watch Desperate Housewives actually worked.

Tony - Vancouver, BC. Canada.

"I have the body of an 18 year old. I keep it in the fridge" - Spike Milligan.

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4/15/11 10:32 A

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I have my LG Optimus One (Andriod) which comes with me to the gym, where I can track on SparkPeople App, (food too of course), but I also track my workouts on it too. I have the app FitSync, but I don't like it, too cumbersome.
I take a flash drive with me to my workouts as all the cardio machines in the gym I go to will download your workout results. I then track everything in an excel spreadsheet as well as on Sparkpeople to see trends and patterns.
Believe it or not, there's a definite pattern to when I lose weight, and when I don't, and by watching the data, I have a better chance of achieving my goal!

~Jeff emoticon emoticon
PS: I work in Information and Technology for the government (Health) in Canada, and so does my partner. We have tech gadgets EVERYWHERE.

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4/15/11 9:56 A

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Xoom-android tablet by motorola. Didn't say I could type. Don't even do great with swype. Lol.

Also got new blurays with wifi so that we can stream netflix. So cool. Not fitness related tho!

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- Jame
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4/15/11 9:24 A

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What is a Xoom table??? LOL
Kelly, are you still in the winter? OMG! This is sooo last year! LOL
I do not have a smart pone (mine is still those that flip open. It makes calls right?), or Ipad or I anything. Our flat screen TV due to the blue ray thingy can be used to surf the net, although I do not know how and I really do not care, instead of tracking things electronically, I prefer a little (and cute) note pad and a pen. I would think this makes me a technophobe. Am I right? LOL

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe you will achieve. Salt-N-Pepa

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4/15/11 9:07 A

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Let's see...

I have an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook to help me stay on track with my diet and fitness.

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4/15/11 8:28 A

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Awesome post Jame!

Man, you are definitely a technophile, do you like techno music too, j/k

I have an Android phone and I downloaded the Spark Diet & Food Tracker that I admit I don't use. I tried it once but I became inpatient with how much longer it takes to plug in the information vs the home computer.

Last year, I used BIM (Bones In Motion) application that worked very well with keeping track of walking/running/biking and even recorded the map, and your speed along the way that uploaded to their website. During your trek, you can see where you were going the fastest and where you slowed down and even marked spots where you stopped.

The weather here is trying to get warmer, but not quite there. I've installed the app Run Keeper that has received pretty good reviews. I look forward to giving it a try.

I have the Wii Fit, Wii Resort, Wii Sports and the Wii 30-day Challenge and out of all of these, the 30-day Challenge is the only one that I felt was worth anything. However, the bands and leg strap that comes with it was annoying as being a hairy fella, it kept sliding off when I would do squats or lunges.

I have tons of fitness dvds, from Tai-Chi, Taebo that is easily done at home. I'm frustrated with P90X as you need a pullup bar installed in a doorway as well as some resistant bands that need to be hooked up to the ceiling to work as lat pull downs. I already have the bowflex dumbbells, however, they use the resistant bands and pullup bar too much to feel like I'm getting a good workout. Moving on to the Insanity... it is what the title says. Maybe once I get to my goal weight, I'll give this a try, but until then, this body is not able to do all that they do.

Those who only talk about it are usually passed up by those who are quiet & actually doing it. Life's a climb but the view is great.


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4/15/11 8:07 A

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Okay, I admit it. I ama gadget geek, a technophile. I love large flat panel TVs, bluray player, gaming systems, top-end laptops, my new Xoom table and android phone.

I use SparkPeople to track what I eat, track my activity levels, and get support for my weight loss and fitness. I added SparkPeople to my tablet and my phone.

I also have a GPS to track how far and how long I walk. It also tracks my route. It can be used for geocaching if I need something to help motivate me to get me out doors. So can my android phone.

My exercise bike tracks how far I ride and the time I spent on the bike. It will even monitor my heart rate, and play programs to change up the resistance.

I have a WIi, with Wii Fit and Wii Sports and other fitness "games". It was fun at first, but I quickly decided that I'd rather go outside to walk. But I can still use it when the weather is bad or if I'm not feeling so well and just want some light activity.

So what technology do you use in your quest for fitness? What other gadgets and websites have you found helpful?

- Jame
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