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2/3/14 6:04 P

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Great tips!!! emoticon

Changing my life one day at a time from the inside out. Remembering the basics, to set goals, plan,implement, then revise. The journey will be hard and easy but remember to HAVE FUN!!!

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2/2/14 10:07 A

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So true. It's just hard to swallow sometimes. And not so easy to apply emoticon

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2/2/14 8:08 A

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Thanks for the great tips!!

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2/1/14 7:06 P

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from Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER By Maria Gracia Issue: February 2, 2014

Effective time management is being aware of the amount of time you spend on specific activities throughout your day. Time management is ALSO the process of planning your time so you can achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that goals don't just have to be career- related. Your goal could be finding more time to spend with your family, making healthy well-balanced meals, or scheduling an hour to exercise each day.

Whatever your goals, knowing how you spend your time is key to developing a time management system that works for you. Take a look below at a list of time management myths and truths to help you get started.


1) Everyone has twenty-four hours in a day: Yes, we all do have 24 hours in a day, BUT what isn't taken into consideration are extraneous circumstances. For instance, you might be caring for a sick loved one or maybe you are needed to take an extra job to help with your family's finances. There are certain circumstances where you don't have the same amount of 'free' time as someone else. HOWEVER, with that being said, the majority of people do have more time than they think.

I suggest keeping a time log to help you determine where your time is going and what time wasters occur on a regular basis. For instance, if you watched television from 6:00 p.m. until bedtime, you've just lost more than four hours of your day.

2) You can get it all done if you just work harder: You don't need to work harder. You need to work smarter. Always be evaluating how you do things, and see if they can be done in fewer steps, in less time, and with less effort

3) You need a complicated, expensive personal planner or computer program to manage your time: You don't need an expensive tool to help you manage your time. You need to know where your time goes and how you can better utilize it. A piece of paper, a calendar and a pencil can help you do that!

4) If a time management system works for me, it'll work for you: This is very similar to a diet program. Just because you lost 10 pounds, doesn't mean your best friend will too. Like dieting, you need to find a time management system that works for you

5) If you want something done right, do it yourself: You cannot be an expert in everything, AND you can't be everywhere at once. Sometimes, you have to delegate jobs and just let things be.

6) There is not enough time: This actually relates to Myth 1. There is enough time if you don't have some unusual circumstance. The key is knowing how you use your time, and how to effectively manage it.


1) TO DO lists do help get things done: I am a firm believer in a TO DO list. It's a simple, yet powerful, tool to help you order your priorities and maintain the focus you need to accomplish them.

2) If a task is urgent or unpleasant, do it first: Always start your day with the most dreaded, urgent or hardest job to accomplish. Generally, before lunch is the most productive time of the day, so take advantage of it.

3) You have control over your time: Other people make demands upon your time, but ultimately you are the one in control of the day. Know when to nicely say NO.

4) Know your goals at the start of each day: The first rule of time management is to determine your goals. For instance, know your goals for the day, the week, and the month. This will help you decide where your time needs to be spent.

5) Focus on YOUR priorities: If you spend your time focusing on someone else's goals, instead of your own, oR working on low priority tasks, you won't be able to meet your own objectives. When you're working on your primary task, and ideas keep popping up for other projects or you keep getting interrupted, jot the ideas down quickly and return to your main task as soon as possible.

6) Your environment can help you save time... or waste it: The more organized you are, the more time you will save. Use a file folder for important documents, keep the tools you need within reach like a laundry sorter, desk caddy, or important staples in your pantry. You will certainly save time if everything is in its place.

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