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It reminds me of a book I read by Dan Arieli, about irrational decisions. When you do something as charity, or for a family member, money is not an issue, because some other factor is dominant. Once money gets in the picture, the whole equation changes.

You're right about achieving goals, we often see the empty half of the glass...

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Researchers have found that people can behave irrationally based upon the personal fantasy that they believe themselves to be living in. In one example the AARP asked a pool of attorneys to do a favor to needy seniors by charging them only 30 dollars for their work. Overwhelmingly, the attorneys refused to do this; but, when AARP asked attorneys if they would as a favor to the needy seniors do the same work for free, thousands of attorneys agreed. In the first case money was a major factor and the attorneys chose the fantasy characteristic that their work was worth more than 30 dollars and that they were not the type of person that would do it for less; while, in the second case money was less of a factor and the attorneys chose the fantasy characteristic that they were the type that would willingly give to charity.
Similarly, many people fail to meet their goals because they dwell on a characteristic that tends to limit their motivation to achieve their goal. For instance, people tell themselves 'I tried to do this before and was not successful', instead of 'People like me have done this; and, I have the same or similar strengths that I can use more effectively this time around".
People will always have conflicting images of themselves, some negative and others positive that may influence their motivation to achieve a goal. Life decisions are sometimes based upon a fantasy world that one creates in their mind. Those living in a positive fantasy world tend to achieve more of their goals. So it would make sense to choose the positive fantasy that helps motivate you achieved to your goal then to dwell on your negative fantasy.

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