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5/29/11 9:35 A

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Thanks so much for the story, Gerry. You are so inspiring. its an awesome story. All the best


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3/17/11 9:19 P

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Great story. Thank you.

Mel - Tasmania, Australia
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1/2/11 10:29 A

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Thanks for sharing this story Fangle. :)

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11/30/10 4:04 P

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Thanks so much for this story, Fangle. I don't think I'll be doing P90X any time soon, but it sure will keep me motivated to do what I AM doing.

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11/19/10 11:45 P

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I am a firm believer in the saying life is what you make of it. I know a guy that has been through a lot and here is his story.

"Hey team, I know sometimes it can be very difficult to stay motivated.. maybe you aren't seeing results as fast as you like, or maybe something has gotten in the way and slowed you down… So I wanted to share my story with you all to hopefully keep you going!

March 31st of 2008 I was in a very bad head on collision on my way to work. I was pinned in my car from my legs up, and it took 45 minutes to get my car torn apart to pull me out. I was rushed to the hospital, where I was in critical condition. I stayed there for a total of 15 days. I managed to break 3 ribs, tear my diaphragm, bruise my heart and lungs. My spleen and intestines got jumbled around and moved up into my chest. I also broke my pelvis and shattered my left femur.

The scar on my stomach is from an emergency surgery they performed when I was admitted to the hospital to sew my diaphragm up and move everything back to where it belonged. The following day they put a rod in my leg the entire length of my femur and a pin going into the head of my femur. These operations left me wheelchair bound for 3 months. The doctor told me I would walk with a limp for the rest of my life, and I may not be able to run ever again. This was very depressing to hear for me, and it was hard trying to get past it.

Once I was sent home I started physical therapy. I wasn't able to bend my knee past 15 degrees and my leg had atrophied to about half the size of my right leg. My exercises consisted of rotating my ankle and flexing my foot. I worked on flexibility alone for about a month to be able to bend my leg 90 degress. I was upgraded to crutches after about a month once my ribs were healed, and I was allowed partial weight bearing on my left leg. It took about 4 months for me to be able to walk with a cane… and then I had to have a second operation on my leg. It wasn't healing as fast as the doctor liked, so I had a bone graft and a different rod and pin put in. Needless to say that put back another month. All in all it took about 6 months to walk without any assistive devices.

I decided I would try p90x once I was able to walk. The first time I did plyo I couldn't make it through half of the exerices. I didn't even finish the first week. months went by and I tried again… only to fail again. My leg was still not strong, and I was very disappointed in myself.

The third time was the charm. I started p90x once again on September 13th of this year. I'm sticking to it, and I'm following the diet 100%. From not being able to even finish half of plyo.. I now do plyo with a 20lbs backpack on. I feel better now than I did in the best shape of my life before my accident. I don't walk with a limp, and I run 2-3 miles every Sunday.

If you EVER think you can't do something, think a second time. Don't let people tell you what you can and cannot do. If ever you lose motivation, look at all of the success stories on this website and all of the support people give! You WILL see the results you want if you stick to the program. Push play every day. When things get hard push yourself through it.. I promise you, the rewards will come."

If Brad can do one of the craziest workouts in the world, daily, with a weighted vest on, you sure can get in some mild exercise daily!

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