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8/27/12 10:01 A

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There are many reasons, like the fact that the moving treadmill kind of flips your feet back, so you don't have to lift so much. Also, the solid surface is a little harder on the body than the treadmill, which has some give. Running on dirt or a track will help. How are your shoes? You'll wear out your shoes faster outside, especially on pavement. Incidentally, I seem to run faster outside, probably because it's easier to vary my speed (no buttons to push), plus you always pick up speed when running downhill. I probably prefer the treadmill because it's easier, I can listen to music and not worry about the heat so much. But if I'm going to run any 5K's (or greater), then I need to run outside. It's starting to cool off, so I'm running out of excuses.... emoticon emoticon

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8/22/12 12:44 P

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I ran outside the other day and the pavement kick my butt. I felt more tired and had to do walking intervals but I'm glad I did it. I'm a newfound rockstar on the treadmill but I know I have room for improvement outside :)

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10/31/11 12:27 A

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I'm like @auroramillet - I'd rather run outside than on the treadmill! Treadmills intimidate me... emoticon I'd rather run on the tiny track at our Y (13 to 14 laps per mile) than on a treadmill. And for awhile, I would rather run on the track than outside - I didn't want to be seen running outdoors, I felt a bit like a fraud I guess. Then I signed up for a "class"/event training clinic, and we ran outside as a group, so I got over that hurdle.

I also think it's true that running outside is more difficult physically - the surface is more uneven, even if you're not making major changes in elevation. I used to find that I had a faster pace if I was on the track than when I was outside - I was never sure if it was errors in measurement with the various route trackers, or the difference in surface. I enjoy running outside more, though, even if my pace is slower.

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10/30/11 6:05 A

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I run outside whenever I can but the way i pace myself is to have a mile post or way of measuring distance. I use my stopwatch to keep track of my pace so when I begin to lag behind I know I need to push myself a little harder.
I do however run most of the summer which is May-October in AZ on a treadmill because i do not see a health benefit from running on temperatures over 100.

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10/27/11 3:48 P

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I also find it harder to run outside. I think that the momentum of the treadmill belt takes away some of the work that you have to do. Plus outside is never a flat surface - there are always a bit of hills and dips. When I ran outside I was disappointed at how much harder it was and how much slower I ran, but the fresh air and scenery made up for it. Good luck and keep up the good work.

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10/26/11 7:25 P

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I actually have the opposite problem. I do really sucky on the treadmill and then when I get outside I make good time.

I get intimidated on the treadmill and I keep the speed moderate for fear that it is going to fast for me. I look down and hear the reving of the machine and I get a bit anxious. I also have a hard time being entertained on the treadmill. Even with a TV monitor on the machine and headphones on, I feel bored.

When I am outside a take a longer stride and set a good pace. I look a the scenery and take in the fresh. I forget about the distance and enjoy myself. I feel more confident outside and push myself a little harder. I have made my best time outside.

Honestly I am not sure why there is such a difference between the two, but I do know that there is a difference.

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10/26/11 1:14 P

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Why is it so much stinking harder to run outside? I've been doing really good on the treadmill but then I was running outside (like it will be on race day) and had a really hard time running even a short distance and keeping any kind of pace. Any ideas as to help keep pace and to make this any easier?

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