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7/15/12 9:34 A

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Just completed week 3 - yeah!! It was tough but this is the longest I have gone with a walk/jog program. Many times I have quit after a couple days!

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7/12/12 4:29 P

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I finished week 3 last night and am slowly able to increase my mileage. All but the first session have been on my treadmill, and that's good and bad. I can see my speed, but sometimes that's a detriment. Same for the time -- I know how much I've done and yet how much to go. I am getting a little more excited about doing this every other day instead of two days between sessions. I guess that's good progress, for me.


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9/24/11 1:03 A

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I completed W3 toady!! I managed to get in 2.83 miles tonight in the 36 min! I can't wait for week 4! I love the rush running gives off, makes me feel like I can do anything!!!!


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9/23/11 3:05 P

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I just finished week 3 too!! It's feels great to have been able to get this far. emoticon
Now on to week 4 which seems a little scary.

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9/18/11 8:36 A

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You are doing so well and keep it up!!

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9/18/11 2:08 A

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5K WK3

I have lost 2 pounds almost every week since I have done the 5k training! I am loving it. Seriously I am! If I could play the little McDonalds melody I totally would. LOL! emoticon

I have decided that I am going to do yoga before and after the run. I feel more empowered that way. I need a good stretch before and after anyways. The Yoga is helping me tone up my tummy and legs mostly. I think it feels great to have a slight burn before hand. Suck in my tummy hold my head up high and shoulders back to make it slightly easier to breath. emoticon

My legs hurt like crazy today after running, but the stretch sure felt good after we were done. I wore the right bra today. Not to much bounce for these big olí things. Seriously need to just buy an actual sports bra, but its been years since I have ever worn one. Like 12 years. I did attempt to do my best on sticking in my tummy, but every time I would lose my focus on breathing. Then it would be vise versa every other time.

But we did manage to get in 1.76 miles today according to my little pedometer. Lets just hope its accurate. emoticon

The Yoga before hand didnít make my tummy feel tight like it normally did. I donít know if it is because I am use to it or if I just didnít put in all the effort I usually do. emoticon I think I will just go with not enough effort. I never did get the other half in like I wanted to. DH finds it boring to watch me do something constructive. Heís a great guy donít get me wrong its just annoying sometime when I donít get to do what I feel like I need to do when he needs the tv. I donít have the program memorized yet.
The Running went buy fast. It was mostly quiet. I invited my little sister to go with us this time and to much surprise she did. She is more physically fit then Sarah and I so think she may think that we are whimps. But it was nice for it to be quiet so I could focus on what I needed to this time. Like Breathing! Kept changing the route to. It use to be up and down the road around the hospital, but now its all the way around the hospital. emoticon 1.86 Miles today!

I shouldnít of eaten that pork like I told myself over and over. I ate it 2 hrs before we went running. At least I have some peppermint tea so that helped. Which reminds me did any one else hear that peppermint tea helps with the weight loss? emoticon Some guy came in the other day saying that he is all organic and non gluten foods and that peppermint tea was a major factor in his weight loss. Any whoÖ..

emoticon Sarah was not digging the training at all tonight. She was all sorts of grumpy. She didnít want to run and begged and pleaded that we should move it to the next night (Saturday) I however was going with or with out her. I am one of them people that if you change up my routine I will not get back on the horse so easily. She came through! She didnít notice at all that towards the end of the running she was smiling and she was happy. Its amazing at how awesome the running or working out in general makes you feel at least 5x better.

We did 2.0 miles. Then I came home and biffed it on the stairs. Now my knees hurts so I was unable to do the 2nd half of the yoga routine. emoticon all in all a good day!

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