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10/4/15 3:33 P

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Just keep your water close by.

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7/29/15 10:00 A

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I work at an office and talk on the phone or to other people quite a bit. So i always have a bottle of water next to me. I think this helps me get my 8 glasses a day in

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7/12/15 11:45 P

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It's challenging for me to get in 8 cups of water most days. I have to really make the extra effort to do it. I enjoy water. It's the main thing I drink. Six cups is usually average for me.

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3/24/11 10:37 P

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emoticon water is good to drink.

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3/22/11 10:33 P

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Right - drinking water does NOT cause kidney stones. Drinking water is actually helpful in removing toxins from your body, helps with regularity (taking fiber for regularity does you no good if you're not getting enough water to help it along), and helps prevent getting "mindless" calories from beverages.

I guess I'm kind of weird - I really love to drink water. If I'm thirsty, nothing else will do. I drink it morning to night. I understand the going to the bathroom thing - it can be annoying, but it's not a bad thing if you're drinking enough water.

If you don't feel thirsty and you feel good, you're probably getting enough water. Listen to your body and give it what it's requesting. Some days you need less than 8 glasses, and some days you'll probably need more. You'll know which is the case based on what your body is telling you.

3/15/11 8:50 P

I rarely get the prescribed "eight glasses per day!" I don't think everyone "needs" eight glasses of water per day, so I drink as much as I can and don't worry about.

As for kidney stones - water does not cause them. It's the opposite. A major cause of kidney stones is drinking soda!

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3/15/11 6:32 P

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8 glasses of water a day is just an average goal. Not everybody needs that much. I drink what my body will take.


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3/15/11 5:30 P

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I also have a real struggle getting my 8 glasses a day in. I'm also on the short side, 5'2". I have had a lot of kidney stones and drinking water helps them not to form. I've read, in work out, body building sites and even talking to my trainer who works with professional athletes, that you should multiply your weight by .65 to calculate how much water you should be drinking. This can very by climate such as .55 in primarily cooler or .75 in primarily hot climate. When I did mine it came to 7 glasses of water a day. Hope this helps.

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3/15/11 10:49 A

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I think that's a great idea to reward yourself with crystal light, and it does take away the just water taste. I may try something like that too. I also sometimes will drink tea instead (as long as its decaf and herbal). I find that helps during the cold winters and I am still getting water with it. I'm not sure if that counts 100%, but I figure it is better than not drinking any at all. I also will sometimes leave water out to room temperature because it's too cold to want to drink cold water.

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3/15/11 10:38 A

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I don't usually post, but want to make sure people reading this don't receive wrong information about drinking water. Water does not cause kidney stones.

From the National Kidney Foundation website:
"To lessen your risk of forming a new stone, it is important that you drink at least three to four quarts of fluid throughout the day. In hotter weather, you may need to drink more to make up for fluid loss from sweating. This will help keep your urine less concentrated Less concentrated urine reduces the risk of stone formation. Most of the fluid you drink should be water."

Drink up, ladies! Yes, you have to go to the bathroom more often, but consider it exercise!!

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3/15/11 10:17 A

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Cherie, I try to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but like you when I am not thirsty it is definitely harder. I find most of water intake comes from the hotter months. In the winter, because I am ALWAYS cold, it is harder for me to down that much water. I try the reward system with myself as well. If I drink at least 32oz of water, I will reward myself with a 16oz bottle of water with crystal light in it. It breaks up the monotony of just plain water EVERY day.

However, nothing can be helped with the bathroom thing. I swear I go about every 20 minutes when I am drinking the 8 glasses. UGH...I feel like removing my bladder for the day and just hanging it in the bathroom to relieve itself...LOL emoticon

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3/15/11 10:01 A

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Does anyone find it hard to drink the 8 glasses of water a day? When I'm at my office (where it is really dry) I can easily do it because I am so thirsty. But I find it is very difficult when I'm at home and not thirsty. It just is too much water for me. And when I do manage to drink 8 glasses of water, I might as well just spend the day in the bathroom. I am wondering if anyone else has this issue because of being short and having a smaller bladder.

I was actually talking to someone who encourages healthy living for a career and she said that 8 glasses of water for some people can actually be bad. It can cause kidney stones and infections because it is just too much to drink for some people, especially when they are shorter.

So how much water should we actually be drinking?

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