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8/16/10 11:41 A

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Hi I'm new to 5'3" and under. I too am figuring out that I'm not a teenager anymore with a killer body and that as you get older responsibilties creep in to take over your day, not leaving much time to take care of me. I'm a little older, 29, and i have 4 kids so we are a bit diffrent, but in the overall i think we feel similar. Seriously i'd love to be a size 4/5 again, but thats a LONG way to go. I figure 1 day at a time one foot at a time and one alarm clock at a time and I've got it going. LMAO. The alarm bit is my trick to staying active. I set my phone so that I do some sort of exercise every 1 - 2 hours. For example, I get up at 6, do my ab lounge and weight machine at 6:15, but then i have to get everyone ready and off to school so i know to schedule my next exercise at 9. Usually cardio. Then my day opens up so i schedule a 15 minute exercise of my choice each hour. Keeps me moving, gives me a chance to stretch at my desk or play with my kids etc.....who says losing weight and having a ton of responsibilty has to be ho-hum, make sure you do something that makes you smile when you set these up, after all life is supposed to be fun!!! Hopefully this will help you and if you'd like to be my friend just add me! Have a great day! emoticon

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8/14/10 10:56 A

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Hi! I've experienced my weight holds for awhile at a certain point and then drops unexpectedly. Hang in there.

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8/25/09 8:40 A

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I'm still trudging along. No weight loss really, but I'm tracking and working out. A little discouraging after three weeks but I figure anything I'm doing now is better than what I was ding before.

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8/18/09 10:27 P

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emoticon to the team. emoticon

'Di' NW ON.
Being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent.
-Marilyn von Savant

There's a difference
between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.
-Kenneth Blanchard

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, and try to follow where th
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8/14/09 2:50 P

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emoticon emoticon to the Team!

I power walk mostly and track calories religiously. I maintained this last week and finally admitted it was due to me working off more calories then I was taking in.

Where are you located? Maybe you can find a fitness buddy to actually walk w/ you or go to the gym with? Much harder to blow off exercise if someone else is with you!

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8/14/09 12:24 P

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I wish I was where you are right now. I was a hardcore competitive soccer player who lost my career in sports with a completely shredded knee. I went from 87 pounds to 130+ virtually over night from meds from a bad kidney and the injury (1 year of rehab was my only activity.) Since then I've had 2 kids and climbed my way to close to 175 pounds at 4'11" you know I was FAT. I'm in my 30s now and fighting to get back below 110, right now 130 is my obstacle. I've turned into a distance runner, but have a love/hate relationship with the sport. I go to the gym only on the weekends and any real workouts are put off unless my kids are actually not under my feet. I will tell you, I'd have been 1000 times better off had I got motivated to lose when you did, so keep that in mind, the older you are the harder it gets! I have 4 1/2 marathons and a full in the next 9 months, if that doesn't take this weight off, I'll be sitting on the sidelines crying my eyes out, all the healthy eating in the world isn't helping.

I'd say find something you enjoy, walking, a dvd workout, swimming, something to just get you back to enjoying working out. I started with Walk Away the Pounds, found cardio kickboxing, LOVE IT, it's fun and a hard workout, walking wasn't giving me a workout anymore at 5 miles, so I went the next logical step and did couch to 5K, didn't think I'd end up where I am now. I was going to run 1 race and quit just to say I did it. That 1 race hooked me and I've decided if I don't die during the marathon, I might just try an Ultra and a triathlon is now a plan for 2010. All this came from a walking DVD that was easy to workout to. It just takes the 1 thing, whether it's tennis, raquetball, walking, running, swimming, etc. Find the one thing that will get your foot in the door.

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8/14/09 10:40 A

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I understand what you mean. I weigh about the same. Trying to lose about 3 more pounds is difficult for small frame short people. We just have to keep trying. emoticon

My name is Kay, and I live in Northwest Georgia.

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8/14/09 10:32 A

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It really does sound pathetic when put like that, but I do!

I'm 24 years old, newly married, and up a creek without a paddle. I don't know how I got to my current weight (okay, I do, it had to do with my sweet tooth and my ability to block out the fact gyms and/or physical activity exists in the world) and I'm trying to get back on track. I know where the track is, I know what it is, and I think I'm on it - but nothing is happening. No weight has come off. No loss of inches, nothing. And to be honest, I'm not that pumped about the gym or activity.

I used to be a cross country runner. I used to love the gym. I used to play tons of sports. Then I went to college. Then I graduated college. And then I found out I am no longer seventeen, 102 pounds, and fit as a freaking fiddle. I can't run those 5ks now, and I don't find any enjoyment in it! I need help. Badly.

Just someone to remind me what my goals are - why it would be great not to have my thighs rub together and hurt if I don't wear spanx. The reminder of that feeling of accomplishment after a great workout. Someone to mutually cheer on so that even if I don't see a great drop in weight for myself, I can know I helped someone else shed a pound or too.

I'm in a new city where I don't know many people, my husband is in the Army so he's fit and eats what he wants, and if I have to squeeze into my "fat" jeans for another month I'll just go crazy!

If you're on the same boat, heck, any boat, and you too could use someone to give you a boost - drop me a line!

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