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9/19/10 2:14 P

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Hi and welcome back!

I know when I first was given my meal plan, it was set at 2200 calories. I couldn't eat that much so my nutritionist told me to cut back where she I thought that I would be more comfortable with it and in keeping my blood sugar at a good level. I started with 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. I now eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks, depending on what I'm doing that day. If I'm more active then I'll have the 3rd snack as long as I'm still within my calorie range.

With that stated, I calculate my calories now with a BMR (base metabolic rate). SP recently posted how to calculate it. This is used for calories to help with weight loss.

Here's the link:

Also here's another good link to how you should be dividing your calories and grams for protein, carbs, and fats. I usually use the lowest percentage as my low end and the higher percentage as my high end for grams.

Here's the link:

You may have to copy and paste the links into our browser.

As for food choices, start with foods that you like then slowly introduce something new. Giving up foods that you like will just make you crave them more. Maybe have a small taste rather than a whole piece. Try to make healthier choices wit lower fat/lower calorie items. I work with very young children and it takes at least 17 to 20 times to taste something in order for you pallet to not want to reject it. So give it a few tries.

You can do this!


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9/19/10 11:23 A

I finally figured out that I was not eating enough for the amount of exercise I was doing and I also have a hard time getting the calories in. So I have added a Curves protein shake most afternoons. That has helped. We have been trained so not to eat to lose weight it is very hard and frightening to wrap your head around.

This is a lifetime process as the others have said and you just have to experiment week to week or day to day to find out what works for you. I am trying to eat at the lower end of my fat range and up the protein.

Hope this helps and good luck to all of us.

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9/18/10 10:08 P

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I had that problem when I first started out and found that I was losing lean muscle and not fat! I am also a picky eater.Since my activity level went up and I burn more but keep my calorie range at 1200 I am beginning to see those changes. I actually followed the SP eating plan to the best I could and found there are some foods I actually like. I also track everything--you would not beleive how much sodium is in stuff and I don't put salt on anything or in anything! Oh, and potatoes turn to sugar? I did not know that until I found out that is what Vodka is made from. It is all a balancing act. I also weigh and measure my food--most of the time to make sure I am getting the calories I need. For the longest time I was stuck in this 600-800 calorie range a day but have since learned to get to my range for optimum fat burning. emoticon

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:-)) Sandy

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9/18/10 7:56 P

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From what you say - its difficult to make any suggestions.
The amount of food you need is based on the activity, the type of activity, your weight and height and your estimated metabolic rate.
But the SP suggestions also give the brakdoewn of macro nutrients - are you keeping wityhin the amounts for protein, carbs and fats - because you should ensure your eating plan is balanced.
Remember that - it is a lifetime eating program, not a crash diet and that changes you make should be gradulal not sudden - if you increase the amount of food you eat gradually you might find it easier to cope with.

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9/18/10 7:52 P

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My understanding is that 2000 is maintenance.

For me, my usual calorie range for my Nutrition Tracker was 1350-1550. However, then I fell down stairs and became chairbound. So I dropped my calorie range to 1150-1350.

I'm 5'8 and in the very last phase of my weight loss.

Hope that helps.

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9/18/10 7:45 P

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This is the 2nd time Ive tried sparkpeople. First time, i failed miserably after the first week. I have a question about the amount of calories sites/Spark is telling me to consume a day. Everything I read says 2000-2300 or sometimes even more calories a day. The problem I have with this, is the only days I actually consume that much, I'm eating something I know is wrong for my diet.

I'm a very picky eater, and I have 2 small kids so the things I eat are based around them. (chicken, or mashed potatoes) I've been adding more veggies but those are literally like NO calories. Tonight for dinner I made chicken, mashed potatoes, Green beans and it was about 400ish. (that's not getting me to 2000 )

Any suggestions?

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