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8/14/14 10:59 P

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I kinda have the opposite problem...last summer I had to move back in with my mom, and my brother had moved back maybe a year before that. I have a 3 year old son who will eat pretty much anything I give him but my mom and brother are picky eaters and keep bringing junk food into the house. I had the family meeting and they weren't even willing to try. My mom watches a lot of TV when she gets home from work and my brother pretty much lives at his computer. I've tried to cut back on my screen time but not sure how I can get my family to cooperate since they are adults.

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2/4/13 3:23 P

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Keep pushing and making healthy choices for your family! They will eventually get the point and help out.

Recipe makeovers are a great idea! Many of the "Traditional" kid (read "comfort") recipes are here on SparkPeople with healthy updates.

I am very lucky that my kids (9 and 11) grew up in the "take it or leave it" way of eating, so they endure most of the time. I also have an ADHD son that HATES to eat (anything) when he's in school on his medication. So *I* endure and find the things that are good and healthy for him to eat. There have been nights we go for an hour finding SOMETHING that will tickle his tastebuds and be good both.

I'm beginning to fight the xbox/computer monster, but my husband got the bright idea of requiring Kinect time before they can sit still to play on them. So my kids have to spend 30 mins playing an active Kinect game before they can sit down to play Minecraft or such thing. Now, I need to get my husband to play a Kinect game before he plays Halo! :)

Justin (my hubby) has insisted on Family Dinners since he became part of our family and I cannot thank him enough for that. So, we have fairly regular time to talk, share and laugh together. I am beginning to share healthy ideas and stories. I make sure and share my goals for myself and am beginning to see my younger son take up a few of his own.


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I have not yet got to the teenage years yet with my children - dreading it LOL!!! Even though my 9 year old already seems to have the attittude of one and has started the answering back and knowing best stage!

I just wondered if you could take the meals they like now and just try to adapt them abit to make them more healthy so you are still eating the same stuff but with a few alterations?

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Write up what you want to accomplish as a family and have absent members initial that they've read it. Keep healthy choices around, but also put up a snack suggestion list (apples/peanut butter, popcorn, yogurt) so they know what they can grab from the refrigerator since their usuals are not available. Pack a healthy snack/dinner for your social teen so she has a better choice. Switch products like to 2% milk from whole, or regular soda to diet, or regular potato chips to reduced fat. They might not even notice. It's not a race, but a slow transformation.

Have them plug in their i-devices an hour before bedtime (or by 10pm) to recharge overnight in the kitchen--not their bedrooms--this keeps them from reaching for them at all hours and helps them get to sleep.

Ask them for one meal suggestion every two weeks. If they won't give it, you get to choose.Give them a deadline like tell me by Saturday night because I am shopping on Sunday afternoon. You could even assign them dinner making duties for that night and help them learn to cook--a valuable life skill! There are two choices for dinner: take it or leave it. Find a cookbook that gives you recipes for healthy fast food type dinners, add more vegetables and fruits and have everyone take a multi vitamin.

I hope these suggestions help! Mothers--sometimes we have to be devious to keep our families healthy!! :) Good Luck!

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8/14/12 11:07 P

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I have three teenagers. 16, 14, 12. My 16 usually will eat something if I ask, but she is often not home for dinner, being very social and active. My 14 is a big time jock, and loves protein. Not so much veggies. He can also gag at will, and has been known to throw up when asked to eat spinach. My 12 is a typical baby...loves junk food, and usually ( in the past) has gotten away with really horrendous eating habits. All of this is driven by my husband who hates veggies, soup, chicken, tomato sauce, peppers etc. I am aiming small. One meal a week that is healthy and eaten together. Evening walks instead of computer time. Once school starts, I will have all three in sports, with daily practice and home work and I am hoping that I can have some healthy routine.

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8/14/12 10:24 A

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Don't give up! That will only set you back. Just keep going and they see changes in you they will want to implement it as well (hopefully). You can still control the majority of what they eat if already have it done they may sit down and eat with you :) maybe wait for that to happen a few times then discuss what you want to do or change as a informal meeting.

How old are your kids?? It's hard when they are all different ages, personalities and eating styles. Mine are all over the place. Having meals in place all done has really worked for me and meal planning. But only with husband. Trying to find yet kid friendly fun foods for my other picky eaters! HAS BEEN SO HARD!!! But haven't found the niche yet.

Don't give up :) things will fall into place soon. Just think the sooner you write down a routine the closer you'll be to organization/routine in time for school.


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8/14/12 10:05 A

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I attempted a family meeting, but my husband and teenage daughter were unavailable. I attempted a discussion about meal planning, but they refused to contribute healthy choices. I tried to limit screen time, but they just stayed up later to get their computer time in.. it's summer and we have no routine. am hoping to try again when school starts next week.

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